I Am Getting 10 Upper Crowns to Correct Yellowness That I Have Been Self-conscious About All of my Life?

My skin is pale, the whites of my eyes have a blue tint and my coloring looks best with a white white. All my research points to the skill of the ceramist being key in achieving a natural look. I am in a small-size city. How do I know whether my result will be the best possible when it comes to translucency, gradation etc? I don't want to end up being self-conscious instead about my teeth looking fake white.

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How to acheive a natural, WOW result with restorations

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Hi, thanks for your question.  There are actually several key players needed to ensure an optimal result--you, your dentist/their team, and the lab.  Making sure that you use a dentist that has extensive experience with cosmetic dentistry is key.  He/she should go through your available options, and collect a lot of very minute information regarding the ideal opacity, size, shape, shade, etc--it's all about details.  Then, the dentist will submit this information to a lab to have your customized restorations made.  Making sure that the lab is experienced with cosmetic cases, and that they are using the highest quality of materials will also help ensure a result that is both natural-looking and amazing.  Good luck!

Columbia Dentist

6 Considerations To Help Ensure A Natural , Stunning Result With 10 Crowns Or Veneers

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There are several things to keep in mind when considering a smile makeover with porcelain crowns or porcelain veneers. Take these things into account to make sure that your smile is brilliantly natural and that you do not finish with the fake white appearance that you are trying to avoid.

 1.  Choose a dentist that is familiar with cosmetic dentistry and performs it EVERYDAY!.  These are technique sensitive procedures and should  only be carried out by those dentists with the proper training to give you the result that you deserve.

2.  The laboratory utilized to make the crowns/veneers is crucial to the final    result.   Fabricating these restorations is an art that is learned through years of experience and training by your dentist's lab technician.  A laboratory that does not concentrate on the details of the case will deliver resotrations that look "chiclet" like.

3.  Be leery of choosing dentists that focus on "coupon dentistry."  We have all seen the ads for a dentist advertising  eight veneers for $5,000 or some other rediculous offer to get you in the door.  This should be a huge red flag for the consumer that the  laboratory, materials, and techniques utilized are probably not of the highest of quality.  An amazing result requires a considerably higher fee than this and there is no questioning the difference in the aesthetics and longevity of the two.

4.   Careful consideration should be given to the smile design that is chosen for each patient.  The patient's size, facial features, hair color, and smile line should all be thought about  before making the final decision on this.  Many laboratories will deliver a "cookie cutter" set of crowns/veneers if not guided otherwise. 

5.  Communicate with your dentist and ask as many questions as you feel necessary for you to feel comfortable that they can deliver what you are looking for in your new smile.  Ask to see before/after pictures of cases completed by that dentist and search for the natural characteristics of teeth that you are looking for with your smile.  If you see nice, natural gorgeous smiles in their work, then feel comfort you are in the right place. 

6. Finally, always do your homework online and look for numerous favorable reviews from several different review sites.  Nothing less than 4.5-5 stars for the dentist should be an acceptable rating when considering a smile makeover.  


I Am Getting 10 Upper Crowns to Correct Yellowness That I Have Been Self-conscious About All of my Life

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Your question/concern is one that we hear often.  It's very important that you select a cosmetic dentist that has performed many cases similar to yours to ensure you are getting the best result possible.  A good cosmetic dentist will be able to look at your complexion, your facial features, your mouth shape/size, and other factors and make a shade and shape determination for you.  The should show you many examples of before and after pictures of similar patients, so you can see what your case will look like.  They should also tell you which labs they will use to have your porcelain made.  Our office has several lab options but for our cosmetic patients, we generally prefer to use da Vinci porcelain veneers and crowns.  This is due to the quality of their aesthetics, their customer service, and their reputation in the industry.  You can ask da Vinci who is a certified provider in your area by calling them.  Research not only the cosmetic dentist, but also the lab they use.  Also, the cosmetic dentist should always offer a porcelain try-in appointment that is separate from your final delivery (if time permits).  This will enable you to see what the case looks like before they permanently place it.  This is a very important option because it allows you to convey to the dentist any changes you would like made, and thus, they can instruct the lab to correct the case before the delivery.  In our office, we allow as many try-in's as are necessary until our patient is satisfied.  Good luck!

Charles Nottingham, DDS, FAGD
Fort Lauderdale Dentist

How do I choose a natural color for crowns

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The color can be easy to choose. If we go by a traditional shade guide, for a paled skin person an A1 or B1 will look nice and white but still in the natural range. However, you have to see how this will look with the lower teeth. It the lowers are very yellow, then you may want to either whiten them or choose an upper color that is whiter than what you have but not so white that it would be a drastic difference with the lowers.

As far a the characterization/translucency  is concerned, this  is highly dependent on the capabilities of the lab (ceramist). You may ask to meet with the ceramist to discuss this. Maybe they can show you samples of what they can do or previous cases.

I can tell you that natural looking teeth should have slight variations in color and definetely translucency at the edges.

Good Luck

Dr. T


Mauricio C. Tijerino, DMD
Miami Beach Dentist

The color you like

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Remember you chose the color of your teeth, also you will be able to test them on temporary glue if you want to. At the end it all comes down if you like the way your crowns or veneers look on you. And my opinion is if you desire a whiter color then go for it. Remember crowns and veneers are also an aesthetic option instead of just functionality.

Concerns about color of crowns?

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Perhaps the ceramist came come to the office, or you can do their. Another choice is smile guide your dentist will know about it so you can see pictures to make sure they are on the correct path. Digital photos will help also on what you like and dislike. Remember you can wear the crowns with temporary cement for a week or two to make sure your pleased before they are inserted with long term cement good luck


Kevin Coughlin DMD, MBA, MAGD       CEO Baystate Dental PC

Kevin Coughlin, DMD
Springfield Dentist

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