10 Months Post-op (Rhinoplasty) and I Have This Stone-like Infection on my Right Nostril?

10 months post-op (rhinoplasty) and I have this stone-like infection on my right nostril, which can be seen immediately when you look from under my nose. I had my rhinoplasty late April 2011, but I've only consulted an ENT this January. He prescribed me a saline spray, and co-amoxiclav, which I'll stop taking today because it's been a full week of that antibiotic already. The stone-like mucus still hasn't changed. What is possible to happen? Will it have to be surgically removed from my nose?

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Is this MRSA Infection of the Nose after rhinoplasty?

Without examination, it would be very difficult to advise you. You may require prolonged cream and oral antibiotics, potentially one that covers MRSA ( a strong resistant bacteria).  It also could be that you have foreign material or a graft that has become infected. Surgery for this usually should not be complicated and may be able to performed under local anesthesia depending on the severity.

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