10 Months After Bilateral Upper Bleph: Skin Droops, Hollow High Crease - What Happened? (photo)

Follow-up Q: With above had Endotine brow lift - minor help. Brows & eyelid margins ARE symmetrical. But surgery caused a medial R. skin droop & a hollow high crease. At R. eye edge see a tiny skin bulge that prevents crease to taper off - it grew on the scar post op. So L. eyelid is lower than R. eye. Would a fat graft to the high R. eye crease be ok? What of surgical removal of R. eye medial skin droop & the little bulge? Eyes look more balanced when I lift forehead skin manually. Another brow lift?

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What's wrong with my upper lids after bleph?

Your lids appear a bit low, which may indicate ptosis (levator disruption) that was uncovered after bleph.  It may not.  Also, I can't see your brows, so it is possible that in addition, you would benefit from brow lift.  Ask your surgeon about this, as you may need some medical tests or surgery to correct.  You really need a good evaluation however.

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Asymmetric eyelids after surgery

The photos definitely show a difference between the right and left eye, however, it is extremely important to have your eyes evaluated in person, possibly by your original surgeon. You may have a difference in the lid crease between the two eyes (the point at which the eyelid lifting muscle attaches to the skin). This asymmetry is fairly common and can result in an uneven folding of the upper  eyelid skin when looking straight ahead and closing your eyes. In upward gaze, the eyes appear symmetric. The lid crease asymmetry can be corrected with an upper eyelid revision procedure. However, it is necessary for a surgeon to evaluate your eyelids and brow in person to give you the best answer.

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Asymmetry following an upper eyelid blepharoplasty

Really hard to give you an acceptible answer based on your photographs.  If too much fat was removed from the upper lids this could lead to some hollowness.  We would need to evaluate your pre and post operative photos.  You do have some asymmetry in the level of the supratarsal fold and this may be corrected with a skin only revision.  Generally the supratrasal fold is placed at 7-9 mm above the lash line.  

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10 Months After Bilateral Upper Bleph: Skin Droops, Hollow High Crease - What Happened? (photo)

You ask in detailed questions but the restricted POOR views of the posted photos hamper an intelligent response. Either re post full orbital/forehead photos or seek ONLY in person evaluations for address your concerns. My guess is try BOTOX to correct brow asymmetry and than excision of excess upper lid skin, but only a guess. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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