10 month post op, and I have a weird looking nose. What can I do? (Photo)

I had a surgery 10 months ago. I was waiting for the uneven swelling to go down. All the while my nose had looked weird but I was patient. In pictures it is clearly evident. It is dented and bulging and crooked. I also think I have an inverted V. I used to look pretty earlier pre-op but now I am very depressed. Please tell me what happened in the surgery and how can I rectify it? Did the surgeon perform a poor surgery? I am scared of a revision surgery. Please help.

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10 month post op, and I have a weird looking nose. What can I do

Yes there are issues like V deformity or open roof issues. N+Best to seek IN PERSON opinions from boarded rhinoplasty docs... 

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You are correct in that it appears in your photos that you have an "inverted V" deformity. This would need to be confirmed in person. The reason it may have looked good initially is the swelling hiding the underlying nasal framework. To correct this you will need a revision surgery. This could entail additional grafting of the nose to help correct the deformity you mentioned. See an experienced revisionary nasal surgeon to address this issue. Keep in mind that most experienced surgeons will wait until you are a full year out from your surgery before operating again. 

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