Is a 10 Minute Accent XL Laser Treatment Enough to Tighten my Buttocks?

I've always received only 10 min Accent XL treatment on my buttocks area, and also my interval is 3 weeks long. The technician said that she gives me the FULL length treatment but I checked the clock every time then I saw my total treatment time was always 20 min for both buttocks area. I have received 8 times treatments already , but I don't SEE any result YET. I feel like I have never got FULL treatment from them. so, Should I keep going to the same salon, or I should just quit?

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How long does a V shape treatment take?

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There is a large amount of variance in the amount of energy and length of treatment by practitioner.  Our average V Shape patient is receiving treatment for approximately 45 minutes per area.  I have found that the more energy delivered, the better the results.  We charge more than some others (500.00 per treatment), but feel that our patients would rather have 6 treatments and a dramatic result than 12 treatments with a less satisfying result.  Sometimes you can get a discount rate that isnt a good bargain at all.   

New Orleans General Surgeon

Accent treatments can dramatically tighten loose skin.

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Accent treaments can tighten or firm the skin.  The results are technique dependent.  The amount of time it takes to do a treament depends on the size and the amount of fat of the area being treated.  The final target is a certain degree that the skin is heated up to.  So, some patients will reach the target temperature faster than others.  Therefore the treaments times will vary.  We usually allow 1 hour per treatment area.

Heather Haley, MD
Mobile Dermatologic Surgeon

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