10 Days Post Op, Still Not Able to Stand Up Straight After FTT Surgery, Why is That?

Hello, I'm 10 days post op and I was wondering should I still have difficulties with standing up straight? I unable to stand for a long period of time because getting horriable back pain if I do. IS this normal for almost 11 days post op?

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Tummy Tuck and Standing Upright

Thank you for the question.

Not being able to stand perfectly straight is to be expected at your stage of recovery. Unfortunately experiencing  back pain  is also to be expected.

After muscle plication  and excision of the redundant skin/ subcutaneous tissues I ask my patients to "protect” the incision line by staying flexed at the waist for the first month.  Some of the back pain may be related to posture, some of it is related to lying on the back. Ask your surgeon about changing to the side position  (fetal position).

Recovery from the full tummy tuck operation can be quite trying physically and emotionally.

Hang in there and remember the end results  will be worth it.

Best wishes.

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Tummy tuck & standing up

It is not uncommon to have problems standing up the first week after tummy tuck. Your back pain is probably related to your bent over posture. Most of these issues will resolve in a few weeks. However, make sure to visit with your plastic surgeon. In my Atlanta practice, my patients receive specific instructions on how to walk after tummy tuck to minimize these issues.

Stanley Okoro, MD
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10 Days Post Op, Still Not Able to Stand Up Straight After FTT Surgery, Why is That?

That is an immediate visit or at least a phone call to your chosen surgeon. 10 days still bent and you have not requested instructions is an issue. PLEASE call your surgeon. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Difficulty standing straight after Tummy Tuck.

It is not unusual to have some difficulty standing straight with some back pain in the first several weeks after full tummy tuck.  This usually is related to tightening of the abdominal muscles.  10 days is still well within the early postoperative recovery period and this is not unexpected.  This should slowly get better over the next several weeks.  Check with your plastic surgeon if things do not slowly improve. 

Stephen Delia, MD
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Standing up after a tummy tuck

It is not unusual to not be able to stand straight up after a full tummy tuck. Most patients will be able to do so 7-10 days after surgery but it may take a little longer for some. It is common also for patients to have some lower back pain after a full tuck for a while which may limit activity and make it harder to stand up.  This is felt to be due to being slightly bent over for so long and improves with gradual stretching. Some patients may require some temporary medication such as a muscle relaxant to get them through this period of time. Talk with your surgeon.

James McMahan, MD
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Standing straight following tummy tuck

It is not uncommon to find it difficult to stand  10 days after a full abdominoplasty.  Back pain typically follows this sustained poor posture.  Over the next few days, this should greatly improve.  Try gentle massage to help loosen things up, but only under your MDs direction.  As for the back pain, this should improve as your posture improves.

Michael Orseck, MD
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