I Am 10 Days Post Op for Breast Reduction, And 1 Breast Is Painful, Should I Worry?

Over all I feel like I am wearing a metal bra(madonna circa 1995.My right breast has no real pain at all but the left one hurts.I have limited my RX pain meds to just before going to sleep.Towards the end of the day my breast aches badly, its a cross between feeling like it is being squished and a charlie horse.I find my self taking otc pain meds to relieve the pain. I also find my self massaging the area.Is this temporary or am I gonna have to be hyper aware of NOT massaging my boobs in public?

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Normal Post -OP Healing

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It is very common that one breast or the other heals a little different.  However,  the one exception is if you have a hematoma or an infection.  You should discuss with your plastic surgeon if concerned.

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Breast reduction and pain

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Usually breast reduction patients have soreness, but not terrible pain. Each breast can feel a bit different, and this could be very normal post-op pain. However, you may want to speak to your surgeon to get re-examined to make sure it is nothing else like a hematoma, seroma, or infection.

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Breast reduction Pain

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It is not unusual to experience the type of pain you described.  Make sure you follow up with your PS given your f/u schedule and let him know of any discomfort you are experiencing.  That way he will be able to tell you more about your pain symptoms.   Also, you may be also resuming your activity level a little to soon, so guard yourself against that. 

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Breast reduction pain

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Pain dissipates gradually after surgery and it is not uncommon for patients to complain of more pain in one breast than in the other. That said, it is always wise to followup with your plastic surgeon to make sure that nothing else is going on. If you have pain and don't want to take prescription medication for it, then the use of NSAIDs is wise.

Breast Reduction Recovery?

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Congratulations on having had the breast reduction surgery. Hopefully you will be pleased ( like most patients are)  with the end results of the procedure.

At 10 days postop it is not unusual to have asymmetric discomfort/pain.  Of coarse, your plastic surgeon will be able to examine you and let you know if there is a specific cause of this asymmetric discomfort. Make sure you are not weaning off the medication too soon and you're not increasing your activity level too soon.

I hope this helps.

Unilateral breast pain 10 days post breast reduction

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Most patients have minimal pain or discomfort at 10  post breast reduction - though your situation should not be construed as an aberration. With one side being significantly uncomfortable at this point at time whereas the other is not, it still would be prudent to rule out any untoward issues being present such as a hematoma or less likely, a seroma. 

You should contact your plastic surgeon and notify him/her of your situation. He/she may then want to examine you.

Steven Turkeltaub, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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