10 Days Post Lipo Abdomen and Flanks - Rubbery Hard Area, is It Swelling? (photo)

I have read about post lipo swelling and was expecting fluidy swelling/feeling. But my abd and flank started to get progressively hard and rubbery on day 6 and now on day 10 i look like almost like pre-op. First day after lipo was thrilling and abdomen looked wonderful. I am concenred whether there are any cases of permanent lymphedema after lipo suction. Secondly, there is no clear recommendation on how frequently one should get lymphatic massages?

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10 Days Post Lipo Abdomen and Flanks - Rubbery Hard Area, is It Swelling?

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In the postoperative period of a liposuction always exists edema and the seroma is so common that it is almost a rule, but these two conditions produce an  inflammation or bulging of soft consistency, the presence of hardening in an early period after the lipo may be due largely to the presence of bruising and / or lymphedema by lymphatic drainage affectation,in  both cases, ultrasound therapy is useful and contributes to its rapid dissolution, however I believe that you should visit your surgeon for a review

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Swelling after Liposuction?

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Thank you for the question and series of pictures.

I think you will be best off being examined directly by your plastic surgeon. Given the appearance of your abdomen  in your most recent picture it would be in your best interest to be directly examined to rule out an accumulation of fluid (seroma).  Postoperative therapeutic measures such as lymphatic massage should be directed by your plastic surgeon as well. You are correct in that there is no consensus on how frequently ( if at all) lymphatic massage should be utilized after liposuction surgery.

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