1-week Post-op: Am I Cleaning my Nose Too Frequently?

My nose seems to constantly be "running." It's a clear, thick mucus that I assume is normal, especially since there's no blood. However, my surgeon recommended that I only use saline spray to clean my nose and keep it moist. I've been using Q-tips with hyd. peroxide to gently clean the inside since I can't wipe/blow it yet. Is this okay? I've had the urge to clean in about once an hour and I don't know if this will result in excessive scar tissue or swelling. How much cleaning is too much?

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Too much cleaning after rhinoplasty is not good

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Cleaning the nose 2 to 3 times a day is sufficient. Your diligence is commendable.  Keeping your nostrils clean after rhinoplasty is important:  It will improve your breathing in the post operative period, it will limit inflammation which will decrease pain and swelling and decreases the risk of infection.  However, too much cleaning can actually have the opposite effect.  Your constant touching of the incision site can be an irritant and cause the very inflammation that you are trying to avoid.  Furthermore, the "running" of clear mucous is normal and will slowly resolve over time.  You may have residual thin clear drainage that will take longer to dissipate. 

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