1 Month Post-rhinoplasty, Open Rhinoplasty?

Hello I have undergone open rhinoplasty, 1 month ago, after the cast came off and my tip was turned up, my doctor said that it would droop with time, it has drooped down but, he is still a bit upturned, will it droop further or will it stop with drooping at 1 month? And I have accidentaly sneezed through the nose today, but I did not feel anything (pain, bleeding...) will this affect the healing process and the final result? Thank you

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Healing After Rhinoplasty

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It's important to remember that after undergoing a rhinoplasty or nasal surgery, it may take anywhere between 12-24 months before the nose completely settles. During this time, it's best to be patient as the look of your nose settles, which is what yours will most likely continue to do as well.

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Rhinoplasty before and after

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Dear JohnStock1

  • You still have plenty of time to recover, please allow up to 6 months to recover if this is your first rhinoplasty
  • The nose and skin are readjusting to their new framework and these changes are all to be expected
  • Sneezing after a month will not affect your results either, you should be fine
  • Please see your surgeon if you are really concerned

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