1 Month Post-Op Septoplasty Question?

It's been one month since I had septoplasty, bilateral inferior turbinoplasty, and bilateral maxillary sinus antrostomy surgery. My nose runs all day and I sneeze every few minutes. Is the sneezing a common side effect, and will it go away? My nose is still tender to the touch, but it's finally clear to where I can breathe (the first 2 weeks I could not get air in them at all).

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Septoplasty Side Effects

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Your nose is continuing to acclimate to the changes from the surgery.  It is not uncommon to experience a runny nose after nasal surgery.  Nasal surgery, at times, may even exacerbate some underlying allergies you may have had prior to your surgery as the nose continues to heal.  Speak with your doctor about possibly starting on some anti-histamine nasal sprays which may help your sneezing and runny nose.

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