I had a 1-2mm nodular BGG present for only 6 weeks on my neck with normal skin at the surface around it.

Age 71. Dr. belongs to the MOHs Society & is a Fellow. He scheduled MOH's surgery. I agreed and signed the consent. One deep, to the fascia, circular incision was made. It was 2CM across. I waited 2 hours & told the 1 sample was clear. Closure by a plastic surgeon 4 days later; flap graft to close large deep defect . It's tight and painful- needs 2 weekly f/u app'ts. post op. No change in plan was presented; I signed for Mohs. What should I do?

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Post op Mohs

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The site is still healing. You need to be calm and patient. Mohs is a good procedure for what you had, and the way the surgery was performed seems totally in line with a normal Mohs procedure. Mohs doesn't always need to have multiple levels and stages. One stage is fine; it's just a matter of having clear margins but removing as minimal amount of clear tissue as possible. Making the slides in between each cutting stage usually takes 45 min or so depending on the skill level of the lab technician, and the number of cases being done. 2 hours is a bit more than my office, but still ok. Any time something is removed you can feel tension in that area because of the stiches. Over time it will relax a bit. But give it some time and do your follow-up as suggested. This is quite normal for what you had done.

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Post Mohs

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Any concerns regarding healing should be immediately discussed with your Mohs surgeon. Healing generally takes a few weeks to feel better but discuss with your surgeon.

Steven Hacker, MD
West Palm Beach Dermatologic Surgeon

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