9 1/2 Weeks Post Op Tummy Tuck- Sneezed Caused Side Pain, Did I Damage Results?

I am 9 1/2 weeks post op full tummy tuck/muscle repair. So happy with my results at this point however I am unfortunately getting sick and I sneezed last night. After I had a pain/burn in my center left abdomen next to my belly button that radiated to the side. Oh it hurt but I didn't hear any pop. Everything looks ok, I am scared I hurt something internally. Every morning my body wants to stretch without my control and it hurt during that too,doesn't hurt walking around. What did I hurt?

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Damaged Results of Tummy Tuck?

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Thank you for the question.

Generally, it would take significant pressure/strain to break a stitch used for abdominal wall muscle plication during tummy tuck surgery.   If this were the case for you you might experience pain,  a “popping” sound/sensation,  swelling etc.

Most surgeons use numerous sutures  and  possibly 2 layers to reapproximate the rectus muscles.   If this was the case for you,  then breaking a single stitch will likely be inconsequential.

I would suggest that you follow up with your plastic surgeon,  who after direct examination,  will be in a better position to address your concerns (and hopefully provide reassurance).

I hope this helps.

Pain in tummy tuck after sneezing

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the most likely cause for the pain is a small tear in some scar tissue and that will likely not affect the end result of your tummy tuck. A stitch breaking is less common. Due to the numerous stitches used, breaking one will also not affect the end result

Sneezing after a tummy tuck

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It would be exceedingly rare to have any major problems caused that far out from a tummy tuck by a simple sneezing event.  At 6 weeks I let my tummy tuck patients return to full unrestricted activity even in a gym so I would be surprised if anything more than a sore muscle happened with your cold.  Ask your plastic surgeon for a muscle relaxant like flexeril, this may help if you having some muscle spasms.  Hope you get better soon. Dr. Kerr

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