4 1/2 Weeks Post Op, Am I Healing Alright? (photo)

I am currently 4 and a half weeks post op, breast lift and augmentation. I know I am taking a lot longer to heal than most people but my surgeon does not seem to be worried. I had some areas that seem to be taking longer than others to heal over the sutures. Most were dissolvable but I did have some that weren't and they were removed 5 days ago. Does everything look ok? Also I understand Areola stretching is normal after surgery but will my right side catch up to my left? It seems much bigger.

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4 1/2 Weeks Post Op, Am I Healing Alright?

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I would suggest not using any adhesives. You can get non-stick dressings (Telfa, xeroform, petroleum guaze, etc) and just use the bra to hold them. 

The small areas that are still open should heal uneventfully.

Shape and areolar position look great, and you can expect an excellent outcome. 

All the best.

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