I Am 3 1/2 Weeks Post Breast Aug 375cc from 34A to 34C/D, my Left Breast Started Dropping from About 2 Weeks and Were Fine?

It dropped some more this week and now it's really sore and looks swollen, my muscles all around the breast and my back is very tender. When I walk or climb stairs it feels like the implant is moving around and is really heavy. Is this normal? My right breast is still high but not at all as painful as the left. Is it normal to still be so uncomfortable, still have to sleep on my back?

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Breast discomfort

Some swelling and discomfort may be normal but extreme discomfort and swelling should be inspected by your surgeon to make sure there is not a problem.

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Swelling/Discomfort after Breast Augmentation?

Every patient has a different experience after breast surgery.  Your description of swelling/discomfort almost one month out of surgery, does seem  more “severe” than average. Your plastic surgeon, as opposed to online consultants, will be your best resource when it comes to ruling out complications that may explain the  prolonged swelling/discomfort.

 Request follow-up with him/her, earlier than already scheduled if necessary.

 Best wishes.

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3 1/2 Weeks Post Breast Aug

It sounds like you are describing swelling that began two weeks after surgery. If that is the  case, this should be discussed with your surgeon, as it is suggestive of possible infection or fluid collection. 

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