Mixto - Number of Treatments Required for Ice Pick Scars?

will it work with only 1 or 2 treatment mixto co2 fractional laser for medium ice pick scars?

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MIXTO for Acne Scars

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The MIXTO is a powerful tool for improving the look of acne and other scars. I generally counsel my patients that each time we do the MIXTO for them, it will improve their appearance.  Typically 3-5 treatments are needed to get the look people want depending on the depth of the scars and the texture of your skin.

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Acne scar revision using Mixto Laser resurfacing

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Fractional CO2 lasers including Mixto can be quite helpful for acne scarring. However, at least two treatments, preferably preceded by subcision may be needed to achieve a satisfactory results. For deep ice-pick scarring, it would be advisable to undergo punch excisions 6 weeks prior to laser resurfacing.

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