2 1/2 Months out and One Implant is Flatter? (photo)

I have 425cc HP Natrelle Style implants under the muscle and have had trouble with my right breast since surgery. It was slow to drop and hasnt dropped fully yet and has an appearance of being flat. I would like to know what this may be. I have an appointment with my PS on 3/19 so I want to be prepared for what he may say might be the cause of this. Anything to help correct this without surgery? Please help me. In this picture its the one on your right.

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One implant not as low

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Commonly one implant is often slower to drop as compared to the other.  Best to give it more time. Good luck.

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2 1/2 Months out and One Implant is Flatter?

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Unfortunately it looks like the photos didn't download, making it hard to comment. Best to try reposting the question with the pics. Thanks, best wishes.

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Breast implant asymmetry

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Dear BB.  From what you've described, it sounds like the right pectoral muscle hasn't fully stretched out.  This is fairly common in the first   Once the implant drops, you will notice better symmetry.  Your PS may give you additional massages to get that side to drop faster. 

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