Is 0.8ml of Juvederm Ultra 4 More Than 0.55ml of Ultra 2?

I have asked my dermatologist with regards to how much juvederm he has used in the glabellar area.He said the 0.55ml he used,which was also used around lines of mouth and crows feet was less than the 0.8ml used in the cheeks and nlf lines.He said he used about 0.1ml in the glabella,0.1mlx2 in the crows feet and 0.2ml around mouth would this be correct from a 0.55ml syringe.And is this alot to have in the glabellar area.Because i am having side effects i am worried this was too much.Please advice

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Amounts of Juvederm Injected

We don't have 0.55ml syringes in the U.S. currently. We only have 0.8ml and 0.4ml syringes available. 0.1ml in the glabella is not a lot of filler used. However, the amount used per area depends largely each person's individual needs, depth and number of lines, and desire for full correction, so that really needs to be directed by the physician injecting.

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