When will this wound from breast lift heal? (Photo)

So I'm from Connecticut and got a breast lift with saline implants under muscle in Miami...I can't follow up with any surgeon but went to the ER and I'm taking antibiotics...I can see tissue starting to build but it's taking FOREVER I'm cleaning daily with saline and changing dressings 3x a day and taking extra vitamin c ...does this look really bad? ):

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Open wound at T junction after breast lift with implants

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Hi there and many thanks for your question.

You have not stated how long ago the procedure was undertaken; from the picture I would guess 3 - 6 weeks? This is going to take some time to heal over - I would think even with ideal care this could take another 3 - 6 weeks to heal and seal off. However I have to say you are doing all the right things in keeping the wounds clean and encouraging the build up of tissue. This is a problem that can occur with all T junction scars in that  the blood supply where the scars meet is reduced and so can lead to delayed healing. On its own that is fine but with implants being close by there is a risk that infection  can get to them and if that happens they may need to be removed. 

I would feel that it was important that the surgeon knows about this and that you discuss it with him; personally I would want to see you and sort this out for you sooner rather than later or even address this wound surgically. 

I hope that you found this information helpful and my best wishes for getting this healed and then having a super  result!

Cambridge Plastic Surgeon

Wound healing.

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If this was just a breast lift, there would not be much cause for concern,  Small wounds in this area after breast lifts are somewhat common and with proper local care, heal by themselves without any issues.  The increase concern in your case is your breast implant which may or may not be exposed to this open wound.  You should be seen by a plastic surgeon for an evaluation.  You may consider returning to Miami as your plastic surgeon would want to be sure your outcome is optimal.  Best wishes.

When will this wound from breast lift heal?

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Thank you for your question.  You need to be examined by a plastic surgeon to make certain there is no communication with the breast implant.  If the wound goes deep down to the level of the implant he could develop serious complications.  One sign of an impending extrusion or loss of implant is an increase in the amount of clear fluid drainage.  Please see a plastic surgeon.

Breast lift issue

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What I can see of it, it looks fairly small, but because you have an implant as well, this becomes more of an issue that there is potential for your implant to become infected. Best to follow closely with a plastic surgeon.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Breast lift with implant

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Hi, I would recommend seeing a plastic surgeon in your area for evaluation, both to ensure that you are healing properly and to ensure that the implant does not become exposed and/or infected.  In some cases the wound will need to be washed out and closed.  Your surgeon in Miami should be able to refer you to another board-certified plastic surgeon in your region.  Best wishes.

When will this wound from breast lift heal?

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I am sorry to hear about your concerns after revisionary breast surgery. The T junction area, after breast lifting surgery, can be  relatively problematic.  This area is prone to diminished blood flow and/or separation, related to the breast lifting incisions and tension in the area.  Drainage is commonly seen in the area.

These wounds go on to heal through a process of contraction where the tissues heal from the sides towards the center of the wound; this process usually takes several weeks to occur, depending on the size of the wound. Occasionally, removal of unhealthy tissue (debridement) and/or removal of exposed sutures, may expedite the healing process.   


The major concern plastic surgeons have when we experience these types of complications involve the fact that there is an underlying breast implant;  involvement or exposure of the breast implant can be a real problem (potentially necessitating breast implant removal).  Unfortunately, whether this is occurring in your case cannot be determined online.  You may need to follow up with your plastic surgeon or seek in person consultation with board-certified plastic surgeons in your area.

Best wishes;  despite the separation/wound it is most likely that you will be pleased with the longer-term outcome of the procedure.

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