Should I be getting anything done to my under eye at the age of 24? (Photo)

I've noticed a change within the last 2 years. I used to look really young for my age. Some people still think I do but I see it in photos because I model that the under eye are really bothers me. I see older people in movies who don't have the hollowness I do..whether they have had fillers or lots of makeup on, I don't know. Maybe I pay too much attention to my imperfections. But I am wondering for my age and look if anything should be done and what would be recommended? Will it get worse?

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Under eyes

Your photos show a very mild amount of hollowing or volume loss in the under-eye area or tear trough.A conservative amount of hyaluronic acid filler in this area done by an experienced injector could be helpful and is a safe treatment.If you are considering some sort of treatment, be sure to see an experienced injector for an in-person consultation.

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Getting cosmetic procedure in the under eye area

No one necessarily needs to get anything done. Sometimes it's best to leave the face alone. However, if your under eye area bothers you and are seriously considering cosmetic improvement, then consider facial fillers (ex. Restyle, etc) before any eyelid surgery. Even men and women in their 20's get cosmetic injection to help treat congenital lower eyelid concerns. If you haven't already, then speak with a dermatologist or plastic surgeon to perform a comprehensive evaluation.

Dr. Chaboki

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I don't like my lower eyelids.

Your photos aren't very close up, but for hollowness I think a hyaluronic acid filler is the safest way to go.  It can be reversed with hyaluronidase (an enzyme if they get too puffy or appear blue).  Belotero generally does not cause a blue effect, but may not last quite as long as other hyaluronic acid fillers.  As you age, it can definitely worsen as gravity will pull your midface tissues downward in addition to deflation of the tissues.  Overall, you have beautiful eyes so I would be very wary of doing anything too aggressive.  Best regards.

John R. Burroughs, MD
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Tear trough issue

It looks like you have a tear trough issue.  You might be a good candidate for a conservative amount of filler in this lower eyelid region.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Eye Rx

Based on your pics and your age, I would recommend doing nothing to your face.You could take your parents out to dinner and receive better benefits

Robert J. Smyth, MD
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Filler under the eyes

Thanks for your question. Looking at your photos, I do see what you are referring to, but I would classify this as very minor hollowing. Considering your age, I would stick to minimally invasive techniques.  I would first get some help or input applying make up to cover up the shadowing. If you are still unsatisfied, Fillers can be placed in this area to fill in the hollowness and improve the shadowing. Good luck!

Satyen Undavia, MD
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Dear Nsousa012

Thank you for your question and photos!

It is difficult to tell from your photo- the contour of the area under your eyes.  Fillers are an option - if you are hollow.

With Warm Regards
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Under eye issues in young patients

Thank you for the question. Based on your photos, and your age, it would be my recommendation to do nothing. If you are worried a bit about the area, a consultation with a make-up artist may be the most helpful thing. I wouldn't recommend surgery and even fillers are a bit much at this time. Take care!

Evan Ransom, MD
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