Pictures of Ideal Look Helpful in Brazilian Butt Lift Consults?

For the BBL would it seem weird or strange to be asking/showing the surgeon during the visit meeting a picture(s) (such as celebs)of your ideal "look" of what you would want, especially if you can't explain very well or say what you do/don't like?

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Bringing photos to your consultation is a great idea.

Patients bring photos of celebrities to their consultations all of the time.  It is a great idea and an easy way to communicate your expectations.  It is easier to show a photo rather than to explain. Also bring photos of what you do not wish to look like.

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Brazilian Butt enhancement

In many cosmetic surgeries, pictures can give the surgeon an idea of your preference and your concept of beauty. It does not mean you can duplicate the picture.

Ideally the surgeon will discuss with you the attributes of of the buttock in the pictures and what can be expected in your case and what is unrealistic expectations. Your Butt or any other part of your body should fit your body and not the picture.

in your search for enhancing your body parts by cosmetic surgery you need to have realistic expectation that your body can achieve.

Pictures of butts wil tell me where you want the most projection , approximate size and shape and whether these attributes can be translated to your body

Samir Shureih, MD
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Bringing Pictures to a Plastic Surgeon is ALWAYS Helpful

Plastic surgery is an art where your satisfaction depends not on your surgeon completing the operation but on achieving the goals you have for the operation.

I love when my patients bring photographs to our consultation. It allows me to determine in a second what their standard of beauty is and if they are asking for something which is reasonable or not.  Photographs educate me on how the patient sees herself and how I can help her in this quest or if to tell her that I cannot help her.

Definitely take photographs to your consultation.

Dr. Peter Aldea

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Photos can be very helpful....

I think it is very helpful to show a picture of what you are hoping to achieve. Everyone has different ideals as to what they think is the most aesthetic shape.  Showing me what yours is, can be very helpful. This gives me a much better idea of whether or not the surgery that I am able to perform is likely to make a patient happy. I explain to everyone that I use the photo as an "ideal" or "goal" but I cannot give a guarantee to anyone the they will look exactly like the person in the photo.

Daniel P. Markmann, MD
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Photos can be helpful

Photos of buttocks that you would like to have as a goal are sometimes helpful to both you, the patient and to your plastic surgeon.  As the patient, it is sometimes difficult to express in words what your goals are in terms of shape and size. 

As the plastic surgeon, it is sometimes difficult to describe what the expected result will be.  Also, the photos will indicate to your plastic surgeon whether the result that you desire is achievable with your body structure and the amount of fat that you have available to transfer.  He/she can then tell you if your goals are unrealistic or not.  Good luck!

Kenneth R. Francis, MD, FACS
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