Scar + Pulsed Dye Laser

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How Long Before I See Results from Pulsed Dye Laser Treatment?

7 days ago I received one pulsed-dye laser treatment for a dark red, 1-year old scar. As my doctor predicted, there was some purplish bruising but... READ MORE

Will Pulsed Dye Laser Get Rid of Scar on Face?

I had cancer on my face. Had the surgery to remove it. Now it looks like I have a lightning bolt on my face. The dermatologist did some sanding on it.... READ MORE

Pulsed Dye Laser for Burn Scars from Laser Hair Removal?

I was burned badly on my chin during a Laser Hair Removal treatment. It happened 4 months ago. Should I wait a year for the scar to "mature"... READ MORE

Does the Pulse Dye Laser affect healthy blood flow to the treated area?

I've read that it "delivers yellow light of 595 nanometer. The light is absorbed by blood vessels. The blood vessels are coagulated and then... READ MORE

What's the Best Treatment for Fordyce Spots?

I'm looking for treatment for Fordyce Spots on the upper lip. I'm hesitant to use anything that has a high risk of scarring or Hyperpigmentation. I... READ MORE

Scarring and Skin Texture Changes from Pulsed Dye Laser?

I had CO2 Laser of lower lids that left a red streak and raised scar. The dermatologist then used Pulsed dye laser which has left Hyperpigmentation,... READ MORE

Pulse dye laser for scars on lower legs, and scar on knee, what would u suggest would be best laser treatment for scars?

I have has surgery for compartment syndrome 5 months ago and have had a skin craft due to swelling from collection of blood , I have had 5 pulse dye... READ MORE

PDL and fractional laser question

Hello iv have been having pulsed dye laser on a scar took three treatments to turn it a browner colour im now how a fractional laser to smooth the... READ MORE

I recently had laser treatment for a second time by a pulsed dye laser on a small scar on the knuckle of my right hand. Advice?

Unfortunately as the scar was rather small it was partially missed and hit normal skin above. Brown scabs formed and eventually came off after two... READ MORE

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