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IPL Was Unsuccessful for Rosacea Redness. Pulsed Dye an Option?

I have persistent redness in my cheeks and nose. I've tried 3 IPL sessions at a local business, with no results other than a patchy beard. I'm... READ MORE

What causes and what can I do about cherry hemangiomas?

I have about 10-15 tiny tiny dots on my stomach. I have two young kids and assumed I got them during pregnancy but they are still here. What causes... READ MORE

I blush badly and a lot. What can I do to make it stop? Can I get a operation or can I do the pulsar laser treatment? (Photo)

My blush is ruining my life. I don't want to play sports or be active because I get bright red. I stress the whole time if I am going to go red. If I... READ MORE

Atrophic Scarring following Pulsed Dye Laser treatment on facial veins and diffuse redness (Photo)

PDL treatment with V beam perfecta; 7mm spot; 9.5 J/cm2; 0.45ms; DCD 30:20 and 10 J/cm2 and 1.5 ms. Some areas scabbed and I used vaseline and... READ MORE

Radio-frequency vs. Pulsed Dye Laser for Cherry Angioma?

Which is better for treating a small Cherry Angioma on one's face: radio frequency such as the LamProbe or a Pulsed Dye Laser? READ MORE

One week since pulse dye laser and my nose is a mess. Thoughts?

I had pdl for few broken caps on my nose a week ago and now I have little capilaries everywhere and my nose looks red all over. Will this get better... READ MORE

After 5 pulse dye laser treatments, there have been little/no results. How can I get rid of these red spots and veins? (Photo)

I've had rosacea for about 5 years and have tried many treatments creams, antibiotics and lasers. It's still getting worse. Would a laser the causes... READ MORE

Can Pulsed Dye Laser help with my type of acne scars? (Photos)

I would like to know if pulsed dye laser can improve the appearance of scars. I noticed my scars after I finished my treatment with isotretinoin,... READ MORE

Pulsed Dye laser PDL treatment for moderate acne skin?

So I have booked the PDL (Regenlite). A package of 6 Regenlite and 6 Revlite (advanced Q-switch laser?) is offered (12 Regenlite if omit the other).... READ MORE

Pulsed Dye laser to treat redness after a mechanical and treatments to improve acne scars? (Photo)

I want to do a pulsed lye laser to treat redness after 3 weeks later of mechanical dermoabrasion, what other treatments can I do to obtein improvent?,... READ MORE

I had a red birth mark on my nose. After Pulse Dye surgery (5 days ago), it became dark black. What should I do?

Sir , I had a red birth mark on my nose, after pulse dye laser surgery 5 days ago , it became dark black . Sir please reply what shuold I do ? READ MORE

Red spot on eyelid, still there after pulsed dye laser (Photo)

I'm from Philippines, i would like to ask a help regarding with the red spot located on my eye lid. it almost a year when i noticed it.i already... READ MORE

How many treatments needed to get rid of petichia on my breast from radiation?

Have bluish petichia and hyperpigmented blotchy areas all over my breast after radiation for breast ca. Hate the way it looks. Heard about Pulsed Dye... READ MORE

Pulsed dye laser... will it work? (photos)

I have a huge red granuloma..doctors told me it has to be treated by pulsed dye laser and that removing it by surgery will have bad results and it... READ MORE

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