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IPL Was Unsuccessful for Rosacea Redness. Pulsed Dye an Option?

I have persistent redness in my cheeks and nose. I've tried 3 IPL sessions at a local business, with no results other than a patchy beard. I'm... READ MORE

Pulsed dye laser (V beam) VS intense pulsed light (IPL)??? (photos)

My dermatologist recommended I get V beam for the visible veins on my face. I am 22 y/o, but have very thin/fair skin. Above having visible veins, I... READ MORE

What is the best way to get rid of telangiectasia? (Photo)

I have telangiectasia, mostly concentrated (dark) on the bottom/sides of my nose and a little bit on my cheeks. I have heard conflicting information... READ MORE

What is the cost and how successful is a pulsed dye laser for treating post-acne red marks?

I've had post-acne red marks along my cheeks and chins for almost 10 years. Is the pulsed dye laser the best treatment option to get rid of these... READ MORE

Will Pulse Dye Laser help redness from Ulerythema Ophryogenes? (photos)

I am 39 yo & have been diagnosed with Ulerythema Ophryogenes. I have permanent redness on my cheeks & chin. I also have very bad flushing... READ MORE

Pulsed Dye Laser on cheeks and lips?

I have moderate to severe red cheeks because of KPRF and I also have really red lips which, as a guy, is embarrassing. My question is whether it is... READ MORE

Increased redness from Pulse Dye Laser after 3 weeks, How long do I have to wait for the final results?

Hi. I was treated with a PDL laser for diffuse redness at 595nm, 1.5ms, 7mm, 8.5J. After 3 weeks I don't see any circles from the laser, the purpura... READ MORE

I had a yeast infection on my right cheek which left several red marks. Would Pulsed Dye Laser help get ride of these marks?

I had a yeast infection on my right cheek several months ago which has left several red marks on my cheek would pulse dye laser be a good choice to... READ MORE

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