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PRP right option for my hair loss? Thinning of hair in front. 26 years, male (Photo)

I am 26 years Male suffering from Hair loss. I checked with a leading dermatologist in Chennai and was advised I am not good for transplant. She... READ MORE

Hair loss: PRP plus Acell, or the Laser cap?

Which would you recommend for hairloss due to Hashimotos and Menopause? PRP plus Acell, or the Laser cap? (my thyroid is under control right now) I... READ MORE

I have been told I am not a good candidate for Hair Transplant. If PRP treatment is not working what are my options? (photos)

27 Years old was told not candidate for hair transplant. If the PRP treatment is not successful what are my options? Hair Transplant surgeon says... READ MORE

PRP Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Restoration: (1) Regular needle injections vs microneedling; (2) Number of sessions

In PRP hair treatment, (1) What are the benefits of regular needle injections of platelet rich plasma, compared to microneedling then application of... READ MORE

PRP + ECM injections for hair loss on 26 year old male? (Photo)

Hi just looking for some information on PRP + ECM injections for hair loss. How well it works? How long it lasts? and what sort of costs am i looking... READ MORE

How many times per year to have PRP injections for hair loss?

I am a 44 year old male and recently had NeoGraft procedure (1700 follicular units) as well as PRP injections for my thinning hair. I'm curious how... READ MORE

How much less effective is PRP Injection without Acell for hair thinning?

I can't find a doctor in my area that does it with Acell but if it will improve the results I can take the time to travel to get it done. READ MORE

What type of PRP Hair treatment is the best? (Photo)

I have noticed from all the information i got from this website and consulting with different doctors that there are different treatments for example:... READ MORE

Will PRP work on African hair that has been damaged by traction alopecia? (Photos)

I have lost the hair on my temple fr a few years now, treid everything and i am looking at FUSS HT. I came upton PRP but there isnt any information or... READ MORE

Does Acell+PRP work for hair loss? Does the price depend on the doctors? I found 995 and 3500. Is there any difference? (Photo)

I suffer from hair loss 3 years ago and nothing work for me no rogain or spiroloctan 175mg per day i have the pain in my scalp and the time when i... READ MORE

Would PRP be a good treatment?

I am 21 years old and I thining and losing hair on a daily basis. Would prp be a good treatment for somebody who doesnt want to risk the side effects... READ MORE

Do I have MPB when no one in my family is bald? (Photo)

I've been thinning since I was 13 years old and when I turned 18 a slight thinning in my crown happened. It was staying like that till this year when... READ MORE

PRP alone or with Acel? Pros & Cons? Differences in new hair growth, thickening thining hair, stopping hairloss, overall results

I am a 40 year old male with Androgen Alopecia since 20. Receding hair line some areas having visiable fine hairs, others completely bald and some... READ MORE

Plate Rich Plasma for hair thinning - causing swollen mid-forehead

Yesterday I had injections on the top of my scalp with Platelet Rich Plasma to treat hair thinning. Tonight after I put my bangs up in a headband to... READ MORE

PRP with U225 Gun VS Manual syringe Injection?

I had FUT treatment on 6th June 2016 and its about 3.5 months. Transplanted hair start growing now. I am planning to take PRP sessions for some... READ MORE

I am using Minoxidil 5% for hair loss. Now I started PRP for the same. Can I stop using Minoxidil? (Photo)

I am 26 male. Experiencing hairfall for last four years and a major part of my scalp was bald. Now i have gone through hair transplant, and also i did... READ MORE

Effect PRP treatment if consume accutane 10mg? (Photo)

I wanted to do prp face injection, and i consume accutane 10mg less than a month..anyone know side effect if i do the injection? Bcause i heard i... READ MORE

21 years old, severe hair thinning had 3 PRP treatments done. Had best results which went away in a month. What's next? (Photo)

Hi, Ive been suffering from hair thinning since Sept 2014. I had fungal infection on the scalp and i had my roots damaged in the early 2014 by... READ MORE

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