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Can Profractional Sciton Laser Cause Scars? If So, What Can Be Done to Correct the Damage?

I just had my first Profractional Laser treatment done almost 4 days ago. My face is still very swollen and red. I also have pin point marks on my... READ MORE

Profractional and MLP 3 months ago. (photos)

I had Sciton MLP they said the depth was 10 and I receive ProFractional upper lip, chin, sides of mouth and cheeks. Basically the lower part of my... READ MORE

Which one is more effective on acne scars and pores: Alma ipixel erbium laser or sciton ProFractional Skin Resurfacing? (Photo)

I'm middle eastern background I want the fastest and minimal treatments sessions. I don't mind the downtime. Which one is more effective on scars and... READ MORE

How long do you think downtime might be for pro fractional laser?

I will be having profractional done at 1000 microns and 20% density in a few months. Will two weeks be good enough for my recovery? And is it possible... READ MORE

ProFractional Laser. Please explain what level 100 means? Is this level enough to get rid of lines/wrinkles?

I'm booked for ProFractional laser for fine lines/wrinkles. I was told laser will be set at ~100 (+maybe passing over problem areas again at lower... READ MORE

Am I allergic to hydroquinone 8%? Within 10 minutes my skin burns and I have shortness of breath. Can I use anything else?

Am I just sensitve or allergic to the hydroquinone? No hives, red skin or swollen tongue etc.. It doesn't progress further than the burning and... READ MORE

Profractional - with or without PRP?

I am considering have ProFractional done for large pores, uneven skin tone, fine wrinkles and a few brown spots. While it will be done in a... READ MORE

Is another procedure/treatment more highly recommended than Profractional to even skin tone and texture?

Is Profractional the best treatment to reduce hyperpigmentation, even-out raised scars, and minimize the appearance of red acne scars & ice pick... READ MORE

Profractional laser for old scars and hard to heal skin? (Photo)

I have old acne scars, mostly on my cheeks. From my first surgery from 20y ago, I still have a scar that feels hard and nodded. My skin does not heal... READ MORE

Will I need Tylenol 3's for pain after a pro-fractional treatment?

Do I need Tylenol 3's for pain after a pro-fractional treatment or are regular Tylenol enough? READ MORE

What is the best route to even skin tone, eliminate redness and sun spots and tighten skin? (photos)

I'm 40 years old. I've developed a few brown spots and redness in the last few years. I had 2 IPL treatments and saw results but felt the doctor was... READ MORE

Is a micro laser peel and a profractional treatment safe on type 3 and 4 skin?

I've been researching a laser procedure for the past 2 years now. I am half Greek; my dad is "golden". My mother is WHITE AS SNOW. So I'm right in the... READ MORE

Similar lasers to ProFractional?

I've had one profractional ablative laser done before for acne scars and I want to continue my treatments but I'm having trouble finding someone in my... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation After ProFractional Laser. What To Do?

I am blond with pale, freckly skin. 6 months ago I had profractional laser for acne scars. It left me with more scars, really dry skin that shows... READ MORE

Grid STILL on Face...should I Be Scared? I Am:(

I am just shy of three weeks post profractional laser treatment. I am panicking and scared. The "grid" from the laser is still on my face.... READ MORE

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