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Pain from ProFractional Laser with Microlaser Peel?

I'm considering doing the Profractional Laser treatment and the Microlaser peel at the same time. Should I expect to be in a lot of pain? Will I... READ MORE

Would Profractional Laser Clear my Acne Scars? (photo)

I went to a dermatologist and she believes one chemical peel & one treatment of profractional laser would rid my skin of the scarring, any input?? READ MORE

5 Days After Micro Laser and Profractional Still Not Healed?

Hi I had microlaser 10 microns and profractional 100 on face and 150 on cheeks do to acne scars. It has now been 5 days and most of my face has flaked... READ MORE

Profractional, Acne Scars and Vitiligo

Is profractional laser treatment recommended for someone with acne scars AND Vitiligo? My cosm surgeon said I will need min 3 treatments &... READ MORE

What Kind of Results Can Profractional Laser Give Without Coagulation? (photo)

I'm a type IV-V skin colour, my background is west indian, and I'm looking into profractional laser, all the dermatologists I've talked to have... READ MORE

No Results from Profractional Laser - Why?

Hello Dr. i am an indian lady with deep acne scars. i got profractional laser done so far 2 tratments with no result. the treatment followed with... READ MORE

Would Combining Profractional Laser Resurfacing and Dermarolling After Two Months Help in Reduction of Acne Scars?

I just had sciton profractional laser resurfacing for acne scars at 600 microns done two weeks ago. There were significant improvement in the... READ MORE

I am seeing tiny holes which look like large pores all over my face after 2nd Profractional treatment. Will they go away?(photo)

This is my 2nd profractional treatment for acne scarring. Spaced 1 year apart. I did not have any texture problems the last time & healed completely... READ MORE

Is Profractional laser the best treatment for these acne scars? (Photo)

I am scheduled for three Sciton Profractional Laser Treatments, 4 weeks apart. Is this the best plan of action for my type of scarring, and what kind... READ MORE

I'm a 25 yr old asian male with holes in my face after profractional laser treatment for acne scar. Will they be permanant?

. The PA told me that the holes would go away in weeks, it's now been 5 months and after several microderms, I can still see these small, patterned... READ MORE

Contour TRL - Minimum Settings Required for Atrophic Scars? (photo)

I've been treating acne scars for a while now so I'll get to the point. What are some guideline settings used when trying to remove acne scarring with... READ MORE

Micro Laser Peel with Profractional VS Profractional alone?

Hi, Im going to get a Profractional laser in a couple of months to treat my acne scars, pores and uneven texture. I've heard and read that the Micro... READ MORE

Will 3 treatments of profractional laser and MLP cure my DEEP acne scars?

I currently have just gotten my 3rd profractional laser treatment done today. After my first 2 treatments I didn't see a difference. I probably even... READ MORE

What is the best interval for sessions of Sciton Profractional Laser Resurfacing?

I have moderate to severe acne scarring. I had done subcision combined with sciton profractional laser resurfacing two years ago with modest results.... READ MORE

Sciton MicroPeel/Profractional Lasers Vs. Alma Lasers Treatments for Pitted Acne Scars

Please advise on which is a better treatment plan for pitted acne scars on cheeks. One being Sciton MicroPeel/Profractional Lasers done at the same... READ MORE

ProFractional Laser and Micropeel Results

I had profractional and micropeel 1 month ago today-skin still has pinpoints all over-scarring around eye lids. I haven't noticed any change in acne... READ MORE

No Improvement After One Profractional Treatment for Acne Scarring, Will The Others Work?

I had 1 Pro Fractional Laser about 3 month ago for acne scarring. I have med-deep scarring on my cheeks. The procedure and recovery all went well, but... READ MORE

ProFractional for Acne Scars w/ Epiduo Cream?

Is It Ok to Get Profractional Treatments for Acne Scares While Still Using Epiduo Cream Daily for Some Small Acne Breakouts? READ MORE

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