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Can Doxycycline Ointment Be Used with Proactiv for Acne?

My doctor has prescribed a Doxycycline ointment for my acne. Can I use this ointment with Proactiv? READ MORE

Is It Safe to Use Proactiv with Tazorac?

Is it ok to use Proactiv in the morning and use Tazorac at night? I was wondering if it was safe to do so since I am now putting them on at the same time. READ MORE

Can You Using Proactive and Taking Doxycyline Pills Together?

I am under Dr. prescription for taking Doxycyline pills twice a day. Also, my mom just bought Proactive for me. I am wondering if i can using both of... READ MORE

Is It Okay to Use Proactiv and Retin a Together?

Ive always had mild acne, combination/oily skin. Proactiv has been the only product that has controlled my acne. I was using the 3 steps every morning... READ MORE

Can I Have a Fotofacial if I Am Using Proactive?

Is it OK for me to get a Fotofacial while I am also using Proactiv on my face? READ MORE

Photofacial While on Proactiv?

Is it okay to have a Photofacial while on Proactiv? READ MORE

Using Proactiv and Retinoid

Is it okay to use Proactiv solution and Retinoid at the same time? Or should these treatments be used separately, such that one is used at night and... READ MORE

Can I Use an Anti Ager with Proactive?

I am 25 with oily, acne prone skin. I use Proactiv 2x daily including spf100 and BB cream in the am, then Olay 7in1 in the pm. I apply spf during the... READ MORE

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