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1 Week Post PRK, Had -2 in Both Eyes, Now Left is 30/70, Right is 20/40, is This Normal?

I m from Lebanon, 30 ys, urology resident,healthy, and I underwent PRK for myopia -2 in both eyes, 6 days ago exactly, 2 days the Dr. removed my... READ MORE

Over-correction after PRK Surgery. Should I worry?

I had a PRK surgery on 03/27/15. Previously my right eye was -9 (sph.) and -0.5 (cyl.). My left eye was -5.5 (sph.) and -0.5 (cyl.). Today (05/04/15)... READ MORE

Vision of right eye improved after getting PRK but now it's blurry again, is this normal?

I had prk 10 days ago my right eye was doing good and much better than my left eye but from last day it has become more blurry than my right eye. Is... READ MORE

11 Weeks post PRK: right eye still not the same as left.

I had PRK surgery done 11 weeks ago. My healing has been going well overall. My last check up was the 6 week-post op check up and the doctor said my... READ MORE

5 weeks after PRK, right eye not improved. Should I be worried?

So, I had PRK/AST surgery about 5 weeks ago. My left eye is crystal clear and my right eye is so blurry still. No pain. Dry, yes, more in the right.... READ MORE

Blurring vision after PRK surgery. Does this affect my surgery or should I worry?

Hi Doctor . I had a PRK surgery about 16 days ago, but i develop brurred vision in these last days I had put make up today (not eye cosmetics) only... READ MORE

Does stopping the FML drops at the end of the taper period affect vision?

I just stopped my FML drops four months after PRK. Up until then my eyes were great. Now my left eye seems slightly blurry, and isn't as crisp as my... READ MORE

Post-Op PRK, one eye blurriness, and haziness. Will my vision get better?

I had PRK done 03/10/17, I am now post op day 8, experiencing extreme blurriness in my left eye. My right eye has recovered beautifully, but my left... READ MORE

Please help, 8 weeks after PRK my vision in both eyes is far worse than before, what can be done?

I now have to wear glasses which I just can't get used to. Prior I had 2 other specialists tell me they couldn't help me because of my chronic dry eye... READ MORE

Had trans PRK 7 months ago but I haven't seen any improvement for my right eye. I'm worried. Can you suggest anything?

My left eye was better, if i close my left eye and see with right eye everything will be blur i cant even see small words.  READ MORE

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