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PRK Instead Of LASIK For Thick Cornea? What Is The Healing Time?

My thickness for both eyes corneas are 470 and 472 and i have a little congenital cataracts, the doctor recommended PKR instead of Lasik. Im a good... READ MORE

Is it possible to increase the thickness of a cornea?

Hie..i am 21 now and wanted to go for lasik operation but my corneal thickness is 470 and i am a patient of myopia with -8(both eyes) and doctor told... READ MORE

I Have a Contact Lens Rx of -6.5 and -7.0. My Cornea Thickness is 470 and 460 Microns. PRK?

Am I a good candidate for PRK? I have one opinion of yes but even though I'm a candidate I don't know if I'm comfortable with just making the cut to... READ MORE

Lasik Vs PRK for Thinner Cornea and Higher Prescription?

My corneal thickness is 520+/- in each eye. Left eye is -6 and right -5. No astigmatism in either eye. Which would you recommend and why? I’m 26 and v... READ MORE

Does Having a Thicker Cornea Help with PRK Recovery Time? My Cornea is Around 600 for Both Eyes.

Hi, I'm in the military, and I really want to correct my vision via PRK or LASIK. I'm leaning towards PRK due to the huge encouragement I got from the... READ MORE

I Am 23 and Have a Prescription of -6.75 and 7.25 and Central Cornea Thickness of 495 in Both Eyes?

I am 23 and have a prescription of -6.75 and -7.25 and central cornea thickness of 495 in both eyes which is thin for LASIK.Whether i should go for... READ MORE

Cornea Thickness 470 ...myopia -3.5?

I have a -3.5 d in both eyes and 1 d cylindrical in right eye My corneal thickness is 470 in both eyes .am I good candidate for prk. thanks READ MORE

My central corneal thickness is 450. and I have number of -10 in right and -8 in left eye.

Both eyes corneal thickness checked by instument like pin and repeted many time for accurate result. but both eyes have 450 READ MORE

Am I a candidate for PRk surgery? (Photo)

My age is 25.. and my cornea thickness is 450 and 452.. i hate wearing spects can i go for prk.. doctor suggested me to wear spects for next 6months..... READ MORE

Am I a PRK candidate with corneal thickness 472 OS and 481 OD? Do I run the risk of developing ectasia?

Hello there, I am 23 and am looking to undergo refractive surgery. I was recently told by one surgeon that I am a candidate for PRK. I have a thinner... READ MORE

How much cornea thickness would you loose after PRK?

I understand that roughly 12mm thickness is lost per diopter, but how much else thickness is lost for PRK. I read that for Lasik, flaps consume around... READ MORE

I was recommended for ICL due to less corneal thickness. Can PRK be done on an eye having slight cylindrical defect? (photo)

I read your one of the answer which ws suggesting PRK rather then LASIK, but it is more costly then ICL. Can PRK be done on an eye having slight... READ MORE

My doctor stated that though I am a candidate for both types of surgery, he thinks the PRK is best. I have -2.75 in both eyes.

I have - 2. 75 in both eyes. I wonder why he chose PRK then. Any ideas? It's not because of the thickness of the cornea, of that I'm sure. READ MORE

Is there any other procedure to get free of spectacles?

Am 24,since 11yrs am using spects. my right eye -7.00 and left eye -5.75 ,Recently i went for lasik surgery but after doing tests doctor advised me... READ MORE

Is 480, 490 microns cornea thickness safe for PRK?

Hi, my prescriptions are -7.00 left, -5.75 right. I've gone to 2 Lasik consultations, and I've been told that my cornea thickness are 490 microns... READ MORE

I've had myopia for 14 years, power of -5.75 D in both eyes and corneal thickness of 458. Am I a candidate for PRK ?

Sir, i am a patient of myopia since past 14 years, my power is -5.75 D R & L eye. I have corneal thickness of 458, which makes me unsuitable for Lasik... READ MORE

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