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What Can I Expect After PRK Surgery?

I wanted to get PRK instead of LASIK since there's no flap created, but I have a couple of questions... 1. Will my eyes be bloodshot after the... READ MORE

How Often Are Follow-up Appointments Needed After PRK Surgery?

Once a month? Once a week? When recovery is complete, is the expectation to have regular exams once a year? READ MORE

I Have Thin Cornea, Only Choice PRK?

I have thin cornea and my only choice is PRK. But my wedding is in May and i am afraid that i will not have enough time to recover and have good... READ MORE

PRK vs. ICL Options High Myopia and Astigmatism? (photos)

R -9.00S -1.75C L -10.00S -2.00C The surgeon gave me PRK and ICL as corrective options. However, he and his staff seemed to heavily push the ICL due... READ MORE

After PRK surgery, I am facing a problem with haze formation. When will I recover?

After prk surgery i am facing the problem with haze formation. when i will recover from haze formation. Tell me the recovery time. READ MORE

Cloudy vision 4 1/2 weeks after PRK. Any suggestions?

I went in for LASIK, but the flap was not cut completely on my left eye. The doctor had me use the steroid drops and antibiotics on both eyes. After... READ MORE

Eyes burning 7 weeks after PRK. Is this normal?

Hello I underwent a prk surgery 7weeks ago. My eyes are still becoming dry and are also burning when I look at computer screen for more than 10 min, I... READ MORE

Is it normal to have Trans PRK for a low strength prescription?

Hi, I am looking at getting TransPRK performed in just over a week from now. In all my research I haven't found anyone getting it done with... READ MORE

Should I get a PRK enhancement surgery? Worried about risks & recovery for possible minor improvement?

Surgery in 12/2014. 20/20 clearly out of my left eye (about -0.50) and 20/20 or 20/25 out of my right eye (about -1.00). My left eye's vision is up to... READ MORE

PRK surgery & blurry vision. How long does it take to completely recover and get clear vision?

Hiiii I had a PRK surgery for my eyes month ago and I still suffering from blurry vision. How long it takes to completely recovered and get a clear... READ MORE

Went into Sauna 3 days before 2 weeks of recovery from PRK Surgery. Blurry vision in one eye. Woke up with burning, red eyes.

My left eye is less clear than my right. I believe I noticed this before I went into the sauna, but it was become more of a concern after I woke up... READ MORE

PRK surgery 1 month ago. My eyes are extremely sensitive to light still. Is that normal? If it is normal how long will it last?

I'm 24 and I was about a -6 in both eyes with both eyes having an astigmatism in them.They will like force close sometimes and just water cause they... READ MORE

Expected PRK Recovery TImeline

I visited two surgeons on whether or not I will be a canidiate for Lasik. They both concluded that I was on the borderline of being a lasik candidate... READ MORE

Dry eye problem after PRK

I had been done prk operation before 3 month and dryness problem and swelling problem happen so I want to know how will quecklly recovery over dry eye? READ MORE

2 weeks post op of PRK, my visions has not changed. Is there any hope that my PRK will work?

I had cataract surgery on March 6 followed by a vitrectomy 3 days later. I could see, but my vision, with the multifocal lens, was slightly worse than... READ MORE

Blurry vision after 3 months of PRK, will I recover?

I have done my prk surgery on 27/12/2016...after 2 months i found my vision is clear and last 20 days my vision is getting low and i can't... READ MORE

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