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Need to Predict Final PRK Result for GLASSES I Am Getting NOW?

9 years ago I had LASIK on my -4.75 eye 5 weeks ago, that eye was -0.75, so I had a PRK enhancement. The Rx is now: Sphere +0.50 Cyl -0.25 Axis 040... READ MORE

Why is there a difference in residual stromal bed for PRK and LASIK?

I have recently been considering eye surgery to correct my myopia. My glasses prescription is -6.5 with -0.5 astigmatism in both eyes. My corneal... READ MORE

Is Custom PRK a good choice if my prescription is low to begin with?

My prescription is: Right eye -1.50 + 1.00 X 175 Left eye -1.75 + 1.25 X 160 Astigmatisms right eye is 1.00. Left eye is 1.25. Is it worth the risks... READ MORE

Very strong prescription and thin corneas. Am I a good candidate for PRK?

My prescription is -9.00 in each eye, and corneas are 487 and 488 in thickness. I am 25 years old and have no eye diseases and no dry eyes. Am I a... READ MORE

Is the healing time of PRK faster if you have a lower prescription?

I have a low prescription to help with seeing anything far away from me. I wondering if the healing time of prk is better for people who do not have... READ MORE

I have -9.50 contact prescription. Would I be a good candidate for PRK, ALK , RK, Lasek or any other eye surgery?

After the procedure would i likely have 20/20 and if I did not would I be able to correct it with contacts to 20/20? READ MORE

Since i have high myopia and astigmatism, am I qualified for PRK or ICL?

My vision on my right eye is -8.75 Sphere and -4.25 Cylinder; left eye is -9.25 Sphere and -4.00 Cylinder. Is prescription too high to get PRK or ICL?... READ MORE

Should I get PRK or ICL?

Have been to 3 consultations. One said that I could do PRK, but recommended ICL more. The ICL surgeon did not approve me for PRK, but did for ICL. I... READ MORE

Follow-up: If I were to wait longer to ensure my prescription was stable, would I be a better candidate for PRK than ICL?

If I were to wait until I was older and/or waited longer to ensure my prescription was absolutely stable, would I then be a better candidate for PRK... READ MORE

With a high prescription (-8.75) would PRK help me to be able to see 20/20?

Or would I still need to wear glasses even after surgery? I was told I am not a LASIK candidate because my cornea is thin READ MORE

Is it normal to have Trans PRK for a low strength prescription?

Hi, I am looking at getting TransPRK performed in just over a week from now. In all my research I haven't found anyone getting it done with... READ MORE

Is 480, 490 microns cornea thickness safe for PRK?

Hi, my prescriptions are -7.00 left, -5.75 right. I've gone to 2 Lasik consultations, and I've been told that my cornea thickness are 490 microns... READ MORE

I got my PRK surgery done last Thursday its been 6 days. Still can't function normally. Is this normal?

I had a high prescription about-11 in both my eyes.My eyes are not suffering from any kind of pain.But my vision is still not good.It's better from... READ MORE

Usage of FML eye drops after PRK? Will using wrong dosage cause any problems?

I had PTK on 16/8/2016 my doctor prescribed me to use FML eye drops four times per day for a week followed by a 3 times a week,2 times a week and 1... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for PRK surgery?

My prescription for my contacts are (R) -2.00,-1.75,180 (L) -2.00,-1.25,180. I wear readers over my contacts +2.00. I am I a canidate for PRK surgery. READ MORE

Would PRK benefit me and would I need glasses to drive/read at a -1 prescription?

My doctor did not tell me my corneal thickness but said I could do Prk and leave me with 400 microns. This would not give me 20/20 vision but rather a... READ MORE

I am planning on PRK, the next day do I continue to wear my prescribed glasses?

Next day after PRK will I be able to see without glasses or do I continue to wear them? READ MORE

I am concerned that I'm not an ideal candidate for PRK because my left eye has a prescription of -7.00D.

I was told by my doctor I am a good candidate for either LASIK or PRK. I have opted for PRK. My right eye is -6.00. How likely is haze and to what... READ MORE

I had PRK surgery 7 weeks ago. On my check-up yesterday, I still had a mild prescription. Should this be reason for concern?

I'm experiencing dry eyes, but even with eye drops I experience some blurry distance vision. I am still squinting to see things such as the TV or... READ MORE

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