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What is the Recovery Timeline After the PRK Procedure?

At what point during recovery will complications arise? Would a second procedure ever be required? READ MORE

Is It Common to Have Problems with Irregular Astigmatism After PRK?

If someone develops irregular astigmatism after PRK surgery, is there any treatment for this condition? Will another surgery correct it? READ MORE

What causes the scarring after PRK surgery and can anything be done about it?

My son had PRK over a year ago and still has sensitivity to light. Can the scarring cause light sensitivity? Is there anything that can help the... READ MORE

What are my post PRK options?

Both eyes are far and near sighted. My right eye is far worse. I tried contacts without success because my vision constantly changes. When I go to the... READ MORE

Is it possible to increase the thickness of a cornea?

Hie..i am 21 now and wanted to go for lasik operation but my corneal thickness is 470 and i am a patient of myopia with -8(both eyes) and doctor told... READ MORE

Poked my eye after 1 month of PRK; what should I do?

I had my PRK surgery 35 days ago,n' my niece accidentally poked my left eye really bad with her finger. I felt pain and redness inside my eye, and I... READ MORE

Why didn't my cornea heal after PRK enhancement surgery? What can I do to make sure that it does?

Went in to have the contact lens removed after prk enhancement. )done 8 months after original prk surgery). Realized 48 hours ago (5 days post op), I... READ MORE

PRK or Femtolasik with large pupils?

My doctor says I have huge pupils and if I get Femtolasik surgery, there is a risk I will have a -0.5 per eye left (at the moment I have a myopia of... READ MORE

PRK vs. ICL Options High Myopia and Astigmatism? (photos)

R -9.00S -1.75C L -10.00S -2.00C The surgeon gave me PRK and ICL as corrective options. However, he and his staff seemed to heavily push the ICL due... READ MORE

1 Month Post PRK - Eyesight in Right Eye is Blurry

Its been 1 month after PRK surgery my eyesight was -3 in left and -2.25 in right but the problem is my right eye is little blurry but when i put... READ MORE

Anything more I can do besides lubricant drops? Are they aiding my vision or temporarily correcting a problem?

I am 2 weeks removed from PRK...my vision is great for a moment or two after putting in the lubricant eye drops then fades away again to blurry... READ MORE

Still bad vision almost 8 weeks post PRK. Is it even possible to improve?

My doctor is saying my eyes are still healing and they are dry. It's now almost 8 weeks post PRK and my vision is about 20/50. Is it even possible to... READ MORE

I have done PRK for both eyes, but after more than 7 weeks now my right eye is not clear. It's still blurry.

I have done PRK for both eyes, but after more than 7 weeks now my right eye is not clear still its blurr.Is it normal or shall i have to under go... READ MORE

Post PRK 15 months later. It's very painful and bright in the sun. Is there anything (besides surgery) that can be done?

Hi I'm Wondering if anyone can tell me if there is ANYTHING I can do! Had wonderful lasik surgery in January 2008. Found out summer of 2013 I need an... READ MORE

Should I get a PRK enhancement surgery? Worried about risks & recovery for possible minor improvement?

Surgery in 12/2014. 20/20 clearly out of my left eye (about -0.50) and 20/20 or 20/25 out of my right eye (about -1.00). My left eye's vision is up to... READ MORE

Sudden change in vision after PRK

I had prk surgery 2 months ago. After 2 weeks my eyes were seeing perfectly. 2 weeks ago I woke up seeing multiple out of both of my eyes. My problem... READ MORE

Corneal ulcer after PRK. What is the best thing to do right now? It's been two weeks since the surgery.

After few days of my surgery , my left started paining and the pain got worse with time. I went to the local doctor and He said , its cornea Ulcer. I... READ MORE

PRK surgery & blurry vision. How long does it take to completely recover and get clear vision?

Hiiii I had a PRK surgery for my eyes month ago and I still suffering from blurry vision. How long it takes to completely recovered and get a clear... READ MORE

Will I regain nearsightedness after PRK surgery?

I had a form of PRK surgery done about 2 weeks ago. Before the surgery, I was nearsighted with astigmatism. Now I cannot see anything in focus until... READ MORE

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