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A Week After PRK Surgery, I Had a Corneal Abrasion when Removing the Bandage Contacts. How Will I Recover and in What Time?

A week after PRK surgery, I had a corneal abrasion when removing the bandage contacts in my non-dominant eye. It was not in the line of sight, has... READ MORE

PRK Instead Of LASIK For Thick Cornea? What Is The Healing Time?

My thickness for both eyes corneas are 470 and 472 and i have a little congenital cataracts, the doctor recommended PKR instead of Lasik. Im a good... READ MORE

How Long Will It Take my Post PRK (10 Weeks) Glare and my Left Eye (20/30) to Heal?

I had PRk Surgery 10 weeks ago. During the first month I saw dramatic improvement but my healing seems to have peaked and I notice no changes since... READ MORE

Had PRK a week ago, eyes ok until I Woke up this morning feeling like there is something in my left eye, like its back to day 3.

Had PRK a week ago and got the bandage contacts taken out 2 days ago. Doctor said eyes are healing fine but still has some small hazing which will... READ MORE

I never had issues with my eyes hurting. After PRK on 01/28/15, still experiencing experience burning, blurriness and dryness.

From trying to rinse my face with ONLY water, even the slight fingers going over my eyes hurts. I cannot wear any make-up without crying from it... READ MORE

Prk Vs Intralase LASIK?

My vision is about -4.50 for both eyes and with slight astigmatism. Consultant said LASIK is good for me but I read that with LASIK, my flap will... READ MORE

Does Having a Thicker Cornea Help with PRK Recovery Time? My Cornea is Around 600 for Both Eyes.

Hi, I'm in the military, and I really want to correct my vision via PRK or LASIK. I'm leaning towards PRK due to the huge encouragement I got from the... READ MORE

Why didn't my cornea heal after PRK enhancement surgery? What can I do to make sure that it does?

Went in to have the contact lens removed after prk enhancement. )done 8 months after original prk surgery). Realized 48 hours ago (5 days post op), I... READ MORE

is the healing time of PRK enhancement the same as the first time?

I was in terrible pain and it took months for my eyes to start healing. Worst experience ever but still a rewarding result. A year later after fully... READ MORE

Is the healing time of PRK faster if you have a lower prescription?

I have a low prescription to help with seeing anything far away from me. I wondering if the healing time of prk is better for people who do not have... READ MORE

Prk surgery post op complication.

I got prk surgery 5 days ago. The next day after the surgery i noticed my right eye was more blurry rather the left. I called my doctor to ask if this... READ MORE

Is damage done from PRK and lasik fixable? How many revisions are safe?

18 months ago I had lasik for myopia and astigmatism. Resulted in 20/20 with bad night vision that got worse after a revision. I saw a different Dr.... READ MORE

Cloudy vision 4 1/2 weeks after PRK. Any suggestions?

I went in for LASIK, but the flap was not cut completely on my left eye. The doctor had me use the steroid drops and antibiotics on both eyes. After... READ MORE

Is a sizable reduction in vision and substantial double vision expected after PRK enhancement? Part of healing process?

Had LASIK in both eyes with a laser flap in 2010. Vision was -7 to -7.75 in each eye. After I was 20/20 in left, no issues, right was only seeing... READ MORE

Horrible distance vision. Seeing double/triple 4 months post PRK enhancement on right eye. Should I be worried?

I am seeing double / triple vision especially at night witch makes it hard to drive. When I wake in the morning my vision is much better and i'm able... READ MORE

12 days post op PRK on my right eye, the ghosting is much worse so far in week 2 than it was in week 1. Any suggestion?

I could actually see pretty good 7 days out but reading is difficult particularly the computer screen and my cell phone. My vision appears to be much... READ MORE

Dry eyes after PRK; 7 weeks ago; will it go away? Also, some itchiness and redness in eyes after computer work; will it heal?

Had PRK 7 weeks ago. Had dry eyes which have alleviated considerably. Still mild dryness, especially in my left eye. Will it go away eventually?... READ MORE

I had PRK and during healing a developed astigmatism in both eyes- Will I heal?

Dr says i will need more surgery-- its been a month and still lights are blurred, double vision,computer hard to see-- i see one letter and it has the... READ MORE

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