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Is PRK Better Than Lasik Since PRK Has No Cutting?

Should I get PRK instead of Lasik even if I am a candidate for Lasik? READ MORE

PRK Instead Of LASIK For Thick Cornea? What Is The Healing Time?

My thickness for both eyes corneas are 470 and 472 and i have a little congenital cataracts, the doctor recommended PKR instead of Lasik. Im a good... READ MORE

Which One is Better for Me LASIK or PRK or ICL?

I am 24 years old have a prescription of -6.0 (right) and -6.5 (left) and a central corneal thickness of 490 and 486 The surgeon recommended that ICL... READ MORE

PRK vs. ICL Options High Myopia and Astigmatism? (photos)

R -9.00S -1.75C L -10.00S -2.00C The surgeon gave me PRK and ICL as corrective options. However, he and his staff seemed to heavily push the ICL due... READ MORE

Can you improve my vision 6/60 to 6/12 in both eyes via laser or comeal or stemcell transplant?

Its from birth . i have only distance small fonts problem .i can drive but. i want to improve my vision at any cost. READ MORE

PRK or Femtolasik with large pupils?

My doctor says I have huge pupils and if I get Femtolasik surgery, there is a risk I will have a -0.5 per eye left (at the moment I have a myopia of... READ MORE

Am a a candidate for PRK or LASIK?

I just had my preop appointment for what I assumed was going to be LASIK but after the measure ya were taken they told me I was not a candidate and I... READ MORE

Follow-up: If I were to wait longer to ensure my prescription was stable, would I be a better candidate for PRK than ICL?

If I were to wait until I was older and/or waited longer to ensure my prescription was absolutely stable, would I then be a better candidate for PRK... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; PRK or ICL?

I am 34 years old, have corneal thickness 510, and -4.25 in both eyes. My vision in the last 3 years has only changed -.25. I have a brother and... READ MORE

I qualify for vision correction but need to chose the best one! Intralase or PRK?

I had an assessment done (for INTRALASE) the other day and he didn't really answer my questions. Is there really a huge difference between intralse... READ MORE

I am considering PRK, but because of my age, I am also considering RLE. Which is better?

I am 63 years old, and had radial keratotomy in 1985. It worked well until 2005. At that time I started becoming more and more farsighted. Since then... READ MORE

Which is best for me: PRK or LASIK ?

Hi, My eye power Right eye - SPH -2.0, CYCL -0.75, AXIS 90 DEGREES. Left eye - SPH -2.0, CYCL -0.55, AXIS 90 DEGREES. After all the pre-lasik tests, I... READ MORE

Corneal transplant or PRK?

Im 60 years old.. I have a deep corneal scar exactly on the pupil in my left eye... and the scar has caused irregular astigmatism... I want to know I... READ MORE

PRK vs. Lasik...conflicting recommendations. Which do I choose?

I went to 3 different doctors for LASIK consultation. 2 of the the 3 said I am a good candidate for LASIK. The third said I would be a better with PRK... READ MORE

Help! PRK or ICL?

Hello, I'm 30, and I thin Corneas (445 OD, 460 OS) and miopia (-4 OD, -5 OS). One doctor suggest a PRK, while another one ICL. I'm confused, wich one... READ MORE

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