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Thin Corneas, High Prescription....PRK?

Hi, Just looking for some thoughts on this.... I've gone to 4 different offices for consultations, looking to see if I'm a candidate. My eyes... READ MORE

PRK and Monovision on High Prescription with Astigmatism?

Hi, I am at the age of 42 but have not experienced presbyopia yet. My eyes are: OD/OS: -7.25/-7.75(sphere) -0.75/-1.75(cylinder) x45/x85(axis) 7.1/7... READ MORE

Does the Presence of a Few Small Papillae and a Mild Allergy Response Automatically Rule Me out of PRK Eye Surgery?

I developed GPC in september 2011 and ceased wearing contacts. I was set to have PRK surgery in November 2011 but my surgeon suggested that i wait... READ MORE

I Have a Contact Lens Rx of -6.5 and -7.0. My Cornea Thickness is 470 and 460 Microns. PRK?

Am I a good candidate for PRK? I have one opinion of yes but even though I'm a candidate I don't know if I'm comfortable with just making the cut to... READ MORE

Is PRK Recovery Longer for Those with Nystagmus?

I've been approved for PRK surgery, my doctor sent me to the eye center for additional testing to make sure the laser could track my eyes because... READ MORE

Am I Eligible for Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK)?

I am 21, have a prescription of -10 (Right) and -8 (Left) and corneal thickness of 485 for one eye and 500 for other, I went to one clinic and they... READ MORE

Am I Eligible for PRK?

I am 23, have a prescription of -6.5 (Right) and -7 (Left) and corneal thickness of 495 for each. Now my question is am I eligible for PRK ? Or only... READ MORE

I Am 23 and Have a Prescription of -6.75 and 7.25 and Central Cornea Thickness of 495 in Both Eyes?

I am 23 and have a prescription of -6.75 and -7.25 and central cornea thickness of 495 in both eyes which is thin for LASIK.Whether i should go for... READ MORE

Cornea Thickness 470 ...myopia -3.5?

I have a -3.5 d in both eyes and 1 d cylindrical in right eye My corneal thickness is 470 in both eyes .am I good candidate for prk. thanks READ MORE

Corneal Thickness is 460 microns. PRK prefered or not? Is any side affects if I go for PRK?

I have examined my eyes thoroughly from specialist doctor. My eye side weak is left (-2) and right (-2). After my examination the only problem for me... READ MORE

Can you improve my vision 6/60 to 6/12 in both eyes via laser or comeal or stemcell transplant?

Its from birth . i have only distance small fonts problem .i can drive but. i want to improve my vision at any cost. READ MORE

Why is there a difference in residual stromal bed for PRK and LASIK?

I have recently been considering eye surgery to correct my myopia. My glasses prescription is -6.5 with -0.5 astigmatism in both eyes. My corneal... READ MORE

Is Custom PRK a good choice if my prescription is low to begin with?

My prescription is: Right eye -1.50 + 1.00 X 175 Left eye -1.75 + 1.25 X 160 Astigmatisms right eye is 1.00. Left eye is 1.25. Is it worth the risks... READ MORE

To What Extent and for What Reasons Should GPC Be Resolved Before Transepithelial PRK Surgery Can Occur?

I am scheduled to have Trans PRK next Monday and am anxious that I still have some lingering GPC that i contracted 8 months ago. I have been off all... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for PRk surgery? (Photo)

My age is 25.. and my cornea thickness is 450 and 452.. i hate wearing spects can i go for prk.. doctor suggested me to wear spects for next 6months..... READ MORE

Very strong prescription and thin corneas. Am I a good candidate for PRK?

My prescription is -9.00 in each eye, and corneas are 487 and 488 in thickness. I am 25 years old and have no eye diseases and no dry eyes. Am I a... READ MORE

Which is safer: PRK or INTRALASE LASIK? I am a candidate for both.

So we in 2014 .and I feel like PRK is safer surgery than INTRALASE LASIK.please advise . I am candidate for both . Thank you for your time . Ps. And... READ MORE

Am I a PRK candidate with corneal thickness 472 OS and 481 OD? Do I run the risk of developing ectasia?

Hello there, I am 23 and am looking to undergo refractive surgery. I was recently told by one surgeon that I am a candidate for PRK. I have a thinner... READ MORE

With a high prescription (-8.75) would PRK help me to be able to see 20/20?

Or would I still need to wear glasses even after surgery? I was told I am not a LASIK candidate because my cornea is thin READ MORE

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