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What is the Recovery Timeline After the PRK Procedure?

At what point during recovery will complications arise? Would a second procedure ever be required? READ MORE

How Much Does PRK Cost?

How much does PRK cost? Is it more or less expensive than Lasik? READ MORE

PRK Vs. Lasik

Which laser vision correction would have less chance of complication such as hazy vision after surgery: Lasik or PRK? div.abg { float: right;... READ MORE

I have a central corneal thickness of 470 in both eyes, (too thin for LASIK?). Do You Recommend ICL or PRK For Thin Corneas?

I am 28, have a prescription of -3.0 (right) and -2.0 (left).  I have been to two separate eye clinics and one advises PRK and one ICL. The... READ MORE

PRK for Thin Cornea and Dry Eye?

I have been diagnosed as good for PRK, as I have thin cornea and dry eye. I know there are risks with the dry eye. What's your opinion on going ahead?... READ MORE

Thin Corneas, High Prescription....PRK?

Hi, Just looking for some thoughts on this.... I've gone to 4 different offices for consultations, looking to see if I'm a candidate. My eyes... READ MORE

PRK Complications?

What complications are possible with PRK eye surgery? READ MORE

Is PRK Better Than Lasik Since PRK Has No Cutting?

Should I get PRK instead of Lasik even if I am a candidate for Lasik? READ MORE

Had PRK 1 Week Ago, Right Eye Has Been in Pain and Right Now I'm 20/40, is That Normal?

I did PRK about a week ago, the day of prk i felt good cuz i was able to see more but i didn't have any pain after 2 hours later only on my right... READ MORE

What Can I Expect After PRK Surgery?

I wanted to get PRK instead of LASIK since there's no flap created, but I have a couple of questions... 1. Will my eyes be bloodshot after the... READ MORE

How Often Are Follow-up Appointments Needed After PRK Surgery?

Once a month? Once a week? When recovery is complete, is the expectation to have regular exams once a year? READ MORE

PRK Instead Of LASIK For Thick Cornea? What Is The Healing Time?

My thickness for both eyes corneas are 470 and 472 and i have a little congenital cataracts, the doctor recommended PKR instead of Lasik. Im a good... READ MORE

Is It Common to Have Problems with Irregular Astigmatism After PRK?

If someone develops irregular astigmatism after PRK surgery, is there any treatment for this condition? Will another surgery correct it? READ MORE

Is it possible to increase the thickness of a cornea?

Hie..i am 21 now and wanted to go for lasik operation but my corneal thickness is 470 and i am a patient of myopia with -8(both eyes) and doctor told... READ MORE

PRK or Intacs for -5 Myopia?

I would like to reduce my myopia and dependancy on glasses without needing reading glasses. Intacs or PRK could correct me to around -2, greatly... READ MORE

What is the Most Common Side Effect of PRK?

Are the side effects treatable, correctable with other procedures? READ MORE

PRK and Monovision on High Prescription with Astigmatism?

Hi, I am at the age of 42 but have not experienced presbyopia yet. My eyes are: OD/OS: -7.25/-7.75(sphere) -0.75/-1.75(cylinder) x45/x85(axis) 7.1/7... READ MORE

Does the Presence of a Few Small Papillae and a Mild Allergy Response Automatically Rule Me out of PRK Eye Surgery?

I developed GPC in september 2011 and ceased wearing contacts. I was set to have PRK surgery in November 2011 but my surgeon suggested that i wait... READ MORE

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