Astigmatism + PRK

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Poor Vision After PRK. Will This Improve?

Hello Doctor,I had PRK June 1st though I am able to drive without corrective lenses,I am unhappy with my quality of vision.Previously,I had myopia -5... READ MORE

Eyes Going in and out of Focus After PRK Surgery, What is the Problem?

Hi, my cornea is thin so my doctor recommend PRK, I had 5.75 of miopia and a little bit of Astigmatism. It has been 41 days. My vision was awful until... READ MORE

What Can I Expect After PRK Surgery?

I wanted to get PRK instead of LASIK since there's no flap created, but I have a couple of questions... 1. Will my eyes be bloodshot after the... READ MORE

How long until PRK healing line is better?

I had PRK done 2 weeks ago today. My prescription was 100% astigmatism. Right now, my left eye is great, seeing very clearly out of that eye. The... READ MORE

PRK and Monovision on High Prescription with Astigmatism?

Hi, I am at the age of 42 but have not experienced presbyopia yet. My eyes are: OD/OS: -7.25/-7.75(sphere) -0.75/-1.75(cylinder) x45/x85(axis) 7.1/7... READ MORE

Pure astigmatism correction with PRK. Is it normal to have ghosting vision in 1 eye when the other is clear 1 month post prk ?

I had pure astigmatism in both eyes (left -4.00), (right -4.75).. and my cornea was fine and it's thickness was like 580mm for both eyes.i chose PRK .... READ MORE

I Had PRK Immediately Following an Incomplete Flap During Lasik.I Am Wondering if I Need an Enhancement Due to an Astigmatism?

I was having Lasik surgery and my doctor stated I had an incomplete flap. He immediately did PRK with MMC. I have an astimatism of sphere +0.25,... READ MORE

Will my astigmatism go away after PRK?

I had PRK surgery on both eyes 3 weeks ago. My left eye is 20/20 but the right eye still has some astigmatism correction left. I believe my... READ MORE

6 months after PRK surgery to correct pure astigmatism, do I really need enhancement and haze correction?

I have done PRK to correct pure astigmatism in both eyes Right -5 cyl 180 axis left -4.5 cyl 180 axis, since the first month i noticed my left was too... READ MORE

Why is there a difference in residual stromal bed for PRK and LASIK?

I have recently been considering eye surgery to correct my myopia. My glasses prescription is -6.5 with -0.5 astigmatism in both eyes. My corneal... READ MORE

Is Custom PRK a good choice if my prescription is low to begin with?

My prescription is: Right eye -1.50 + 1.00 X 175 Left eye -1.75 + 1.25 X 160 Astigmatisms right eye is 1.00. Left eye is 1.25. Is it worth the risks... READ MORE

PRK vs. ICL Options High Myopia and Astigmatism? (photos)

R -9.00S -1.75C L -10.00S -2.00C The surgeon gave me PRK and ICL as corrective options. However, he and his staff seemed to heavily push the ICL due... READ MORE

Will PRK surgery correct both nearsightedness and farsightedness?

I had lasik surgery 3 weeks ago and was told I was both nearsighted and farsighted. If PRK was performed, would that correct both nearsightedness and... READ MORE

PRK vs. ICL with minor astigmatism, which will achieve the best results?

I went to two consultations. The first told me that my corneas were too thin for Lasik and PRK. ICL was the only option. I have -6.0 and a slight... READ MORE

Am I a PRK candidate with corneal thickness 472 OS and 481 OD? Do I run the risk of developing ectasia?

Hello there, I am 23 and am looking to undergo refractive surgery. I was recently told by one surgeon that I am a candidate for PRK. I have a thinner... READ MORE

2 weeks after PRK and still near sighted - will this improve or stay the same?

I had PRK 2 weeks ago for -5.75 (left eye) and -5.50 myopia (right eye). 2 weeks on I'm still near sighted, although now it's -0.25 in the left and -0... READ MORE

I Had PRK in March of Last Year. Not Sure if I Should Get a Enhancement for an Astimatism in my Right Eye?

My left eye is 20/15 but my right eye is 20/25 (+0.25, cyclinder -1.00, axis 70). My astimatism is very noticable with my right eye vision being... READ MORE

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