Astigmatism + PRK

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Poor Vision After PRK. Will This Improve?

Hello Doctor,I had PRK June 1st though I am able to drive without corrective lenses,I am unhappy with my quality of vision.Previously,I had myopia -5... READ MORE

Eyes Going in and out of Focus After PRK Surgery, What is the Problem?

Hi, my cornea is thin so my doctor recommend PRK, I had 5.75 of miopia and a little bit of Astigmatism. It has been 41 days. My vision was awful until... READ MORE

What Can I Expect After PRK Surgery?

I wanted to get PRK instead of LASIK since there's no flap created, but I have a couple of questions... 1. Will my eyes be bloodshot after the... READ MORE

How long until PRK healing line is better?

I had PRK done 2 weeks ago today. My prescription was 100% astigmatism. Right now, my left eye is great, seeing very clearly out of that eye. The... READ MORE

PRK and Monovision on High Prescription with Astigmatism?

Hi, I am at the age of 42 but have not experienced presbyopia yet. My eyes are: OD/OS: -7.25/-7.75(sphere) -0.75/-1.75(cylinder) x45/x85(axis) 7.1/7... READ MORE

Pure astigmatism correction with PRK. Is it normal to have ghosting vision in 1 eye when the other is clear 1 month post prk ?

I had pure astigmatism in both eyes (left -4.00), (right -4.75).. and my cornea was fine and it's thickness was like 580mm for both eyes.i chose PRK .... READ MORE

I Had PRK Immediately Following an Incomplete Flap During Lasik.I Am Wondering if I Need an Enhancement Due to an Astigmatism?

I was having Lasik surgery and my doctor stated I had an incomplete flap. He immediately did PRK with MMC. I have an astimatism of sphere +0.25,... READ MORE

Will my astigmatism go away after PRK?

I had PRK surgery on both eyes 3 weeks ago. My left eye is 20/20 but the right eye still has some astigmatism correction left. I believe my... READ MORE

6 months after PRK surgery to correct pure astigmatism, do I really need enhancement and haze correction?

I have done PRK to correct pure astigmatism in both eyes Right -5 cyl 180 axis left -4.5 cyl 180 axis, since the first month i noticed my left was too... READ MORE

Why is there a difference in residual stromal bed for PRK and LASIK?

I have recently been considering eye surgery to correct my myopia. My glasses prescription is -6.5 with -0.5 astigmatism in both eyes. My corneal... READ MORE

Is Custom PRK a good choice if my prescription is low to begin with?

My prescription is: Right eye -1.50 + 1.00 X 175 Left eye -1.75 + 1.25 X 160 Astigmatisms right eye is 1.00. Left eye is 1.25. Is it worth the risks... READ MORE

Will PRK surgery correct both nearsightedness and farsightedness?

I had lasik surgery 3 weeks ago and was told I was both nearsighted and farsighted. If PRK was performed, would that correct both nearsightedness and... READ MORE

PRK vs. ICL Options High Myopia and Astigmatism? (photos)

R -9.00S -1.75C L -10.00S -2.00C The surgeon gave me PRK and ICL as corrective options. However, he and his staff seemed to heavily push the ICL due... READ MORE

Am I a PRK candidate with corneal thickness 472 OS and 481 OD? Do I run the risk of developing ectasia?

Hello there, I am 23 and am looking to undergo refractive surgery. I was recently told by one surgeon that I am a candidate for PRK. I have a thinner... READ MORE

2 weeks after PRK and still near sighted - will this improve or stay the same?

I had PRK 2 weeks ago for -5.75 (left eye) and -5.50 myopia (right eye). 2 weeks on I'm still near sighted, although now it's -0.25 in the left and -0... READ MORE

I had PRK and during healing a developed astigmatism in both eyes- Will I heal?

Dr says i will need more surgery-- its been a month and still lights are blurred, double vision,computer hard to see-- i see one letter and it has the... READ MORE

I Had PRK in March of Last Year. Not Sure if I Should Get a Enhancement for an Astimatism in my Right Eye?

My left eye is 20/15 but my right eye is 20/25 (+0.25, cyclinder -1.00, axis 70). My astimatism is very noticable with my right eye vision being... READ MORE

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