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Lasik Vs PRK for Thinner Cornea and Higher Prescription?

My corneal thickness is 520+/- in each eye. Left eye is -6 and right -5. No astigmatism in either eye. Which would you recommend and why? I’m 26 and v... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for PRk surgery? (Photo)

My age is 25.. and my cornea thickness is 450 and 452.. i hate wearing spects can i go for prk.. doctor suggested me to wear spects for next 6months..... READ MORE

Lasik or prk?

I am 33 with a 15 year history of wearing contacts with -9.00 both eyes. Corneal thickness is 630um. I have been also seeing floaters for the past... READ MORE

I have a central corneal thickness of 540 in both eyes. Do you recommend PRK for such corneal thickness?

I am 31 years old man, I have a central corneal thickness of 540 in both eyes, . Do You Recommend PRK For such Corneas thickness? READ MORE

Which would you recommend; PRK or ICL?

I am 34 years old, have corneal thickness 510, and -4.25 in both eyes. My vision in the last 3 years has only changed -.25. I have a brother and... READ MORE

PRK, ICL, or nothing? 3 doctors with 3 answers! One said they would do PRK- the other said that'd be malpractice! (Photo)

I have a central cornea thickness of 470 in both eyes. My myopic prescription is -4.75 and -4.25. I do have astigmatism. On my topography cornea chart... READ MORE

How Many Times Can I Get Prk?

I had custom PRK when I was about 19 years old. I was about -6.50 in both eyes and had some astigmatism. I am now 25 years old and I'm 20/40 in one... READ MORE

What to expect after flapless PRK? I'm on day 9 of my flapless PRK. I'm experiencing blurriness and haziness. (Photo)

My vision is 20/100 left eye and 20/70 right eye(according to the iPhone app).I have silicone plugs for the tear ducts and use systane and lotemax 4... READ MORE

Will I regain nearsightedness after PRK surgery?

I had a form of PRK surgery done about 2 weeks ago. Before the surgery, I was nearsighted with astigmatism. Now I cannot see anything in focus until... READ MORE

Is this normal after ASA (PRK)?

Hi I'm 25 years old female I did my advanced surface ablation... PRK surgery 12 days ago and until now everything is very blurry I can't see the... READ MORE

PRK or ICL for very thin cornea of 457 and 466?

My eyes are -5 and -5.5 with corneal thickness of 466 and 457. My age is 25 and I'm pursuing my Masters degree. I have consulted two doctors for... READ MORE

iDesign PRK or Contoura Vision PRK for high diopters of astigmatism?

I'm 25 years old, I have around +7 diopters of astigmatism and some nearsighted (around -1.50) in my both eyes. Cornelia thickness is 525. I was... READ MORE

When should vision start changing after surgery?

I had PRK right at 2 years ago and I've noticed over the past month my vision is not as good as it was a year ago. I'm only 32, so it shouldn't be... READ MORE

PRK Surgery with thin corneas

Hi- I am 28 years old and considering PRK surgery. I have been told I have thin corneas 456 (in my right eye) and 452 (in my left eye). My... READ MORE

Correlation between post-op UV Protection and Corneal Haze?

Hello, I am a 27 year old who just got PRK about 10 days ago. My surgeon told me to wear sunglasses outside but I play soccer weekly and I can't wear... READ MORE

Help! PRK or ICL?

Hello, I'm 30, and I thin Corneas (445 OD, 460 OS) and miopia (-4 OD, -5 OS). One doctor suggest a PRK, while another one ICL. I'm confused, wich one... READ MORE

I have a central corneal thickness of 470 in my left eye and 465 in my right eye. Do you think PRK is suitable for me?

Dear all I am 30, have a prescription of -3.25 (right) and -3.5 (left). I want to operate my eye and get rid of glasses. First of all my doctor told... READ MORE

My farsightedness reoccurred after PRK what can I do?

I got PRK procedure for farsightedness and astigmatism three years ago and İt started reoccuring again.My corneal thickness was low (446 um as far as ... READ MORE

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