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Poor Vision After PRK. Will This Improve?

Hello Doctor,I had PRK June 1st though I am able to drive without corrective lenses,I am unhappy with my quality of vision.Previously,I had myopia -5... READ MORE

Unsatisfactory PRK Results

I had my PRK surgery done last month, my right eye seems to do well and then fluctuate throughout the day, however my left eye feels the same as the... READ MORE

A Week After PRK Surgery, I Had a Corneal Abrasion when Removing the Bandage Contacts. How Will I Recover and in What Time?

A week after PRK surgery, I had a corneal abrasion when removing the bandage contacts in my non-dominant eye. It was not in the line of sight, has... READ MORE

1 Week Post PRK, Had -2 in Both Eyes, Now Left is 30/70, Right is 20/40, is This Normal?

I m from Lebanon, 30 ys, urology resident,healthy, and I underwent PRK for myopia -2 in both eyes, 6 days ago exactly, 2 days the Dr. removed my... READ MORE

Floaters in Eyes After PRK, Why is This?

Hi, Soon after I had my PRK surgery 3 weeks ago, I noticed floaters in both eyes. Before my PRK surgery, I would occasionally notice floaters, but the... READ MORE

Had PRK 1 Week Ago, Right Eye Has Been in Pain and Right Now I'm 20/40, is That Normal?

I did PRK about a week ago, the day of prk i felt good cuz i was able to see more but i didn't have any pain after 2 hours later only on my right... READ MORE

Eyes Going in and out of Focus After PRK Surgery, What is the Problem?

Hi, my cornea is thin so my doctor recommend PRK, I had 5.75 of miopia and a little bit of Astigmatism. It has been 41 days. My vision was awful until... READ MORE

What should I expect from an enhancement PRK surgery? Is it normal to have complete blurry vision two weeks after surgery?

Its been about 10 days since my enhancement and I literally can't read a book in my lap without a struggle. I know I'm in the healing process, but I'm... READ MORE

After PRK Surgery, is It Safe to Continue with Eye Drops for Allergies (Patanol) and Dry Eyes (Restasis)?

If not, are there other allergy or dry eye medications that are more commonly recommended for use after PRK? READ MORE

Is It Common for Your Vision to Be Worse After a PRK Enhancement?

I had lasik 11 years ago and 3 weeks ago I had PRK enhancement, my vision is far worse than it was before the enhancement, both near and far vision,... READ MORE

Prk After Rk?

I had rk about 20 years ago. I did a lot of research and felt that PRK was a good option for my declining distance vision. After my PRK surgery, (now... READ MORE

How long until PRK healing line is better?

I had PRK done 2 weeks ago today. My prescription was 100% astigmatism. Right now, my left eye is great, seeing very clearly out of that eye. The... READ MORE

PRK Perfect Vision then Worse Vision Later in the Day?

Hi I had Wavefront PRK done about 6 1/2 weeks ago. I'm still on steroid drops 2 times a day. What I'm concerned with is, I have perfect vision when I... READ MORE

Heavy Starbursting and Glare After PRK, What Are my Options?

I have starbursts and glare when my eyes are dilated (scotopic pupils-7.5mm) after I got PRK on May 22, 2012. It is nearing 6months and it hasn't... READ MORE

Thin Cornea Using FML Eye Drops?

I recently did a PRK due to my cornea is thin my doctor prescribed me to use FML eye drops. Which I read it can thin out the cornea and can also cause... READ MORE

I have blurry vision after PRK. Is this normal?

The Lasik and the PRK. My vision I was +1.00 in the left eye so the enhancement was to bring he vision in line with the right eye. I know it has only... READ MORE

Can vision reverse after 4 month of PRK?

Hello doctors. I had a PRK surgery 4 monthes ago. And my vision almost 24/24. Before two weeks , i got a problem in my eyes and im taking alcon... READ MORE

I've Had my Right Eye Scraped Twice Since PRK Due to Hazing Because of Dry Eye. Is This Normal? Will my Outcome Be Affected?

I'm 2 1/2 weeks post PRK and have experienced a very difficult and painful healing process. Days 1-3 were fine, days 4-now have been horrible. I have... READ MORE

I Have Halos and Starbursts One Year After PRK. No Scarring or Haze, and 20/20 Vision Besides That. What Are my Options?

I was operated with flying spot PRK and one year after the surgery I still see halos/starbursts at night. The darker it gets, the worse they are (when... READ MORE

Why is my one eye blurry 1 month after PRK laser surgery?

I had the PRK surgery done on July 10th and my vision did get better around week 3 however now at week 5 post surgery my one eye (my dominant one) has... READ MORE

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