Widen + Porcelain Veneers

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Can Veneers Widen a Smile?

I was wondering if Veneers can Widen a Smile, in other words broaden my smile. When I smile you only notice my teeth from Canine to Canine (6 teeth)... READ MORE

Can veneers correct my narrow upper teeth arch?

Only my top 4 front teeth show when I smile, I have a narrow upper teeth/jaw arch. Wanting to widen my smile loke those hollywood smiles, can veneers... READ MORE

Can veneers widen my smile?

Can veneers widen my upper set of teeth? my upper teeth don't fill my whole mouth like my bottom teeth do, so would veneers help this problem? I... READ MORE

Could my smile be widened using veneers? (photos)

I would love to have a fuller smile, where another two or four teeth are showing, and get rid of those black corners on each side. Could this be done... READ MORE

Can veneers widen and fix my smile? Or do I need Invisalign? (photos)

I have a very small smile and I wish it were bigger and fuller. I was wondering if veeners could build out that buccal corridor and create a widen... READ MORE

Can veneers widen my teeth? (photos)

My teeth are too small for my face, especially since I have very full lips. According to my own measurements, my upper central incisors are about 8 mm... READ MORE

Can I widen my smile with veneers? What's average cost & durability of porcelain veneers? (Photo)

I'm interested in veneers for my top teeth to widen my smile. Is this possible without drilling down the underlying teeth? I don't have a large mouth... READ MORE

How can I widen my smile after getting veneers? (Photo)

Hi, I have veneers (10 of them) but they didn't broaden my smile as much as I'd hoped, although they are a huge improvement on my old teeth and... READ MORE

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