White + Porcelain Veneers

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How Do I Keep my Dental Veneers White?

Just spent a bunch on my porcelain veneers, but I still drink coffee and smoke.  how can i keep them looking bright white? READ MORE

Unhappy with Color of Veneers

I Had 16 Veneers Seeded Yesterday.  I Am NOT Happy with the Color.  What Should I Do? Although they supposedly look "natural" I... READ MORE

Can a Veneer Be Darkened?

I've just had a veneer put on a tooth at the front and it looks awful. The shade is about 4 shades lighter than my actual teeth, It looks completely... READ MORE

How Do I Get my Cosmetic Dentist to Give Me the Very Whitest Shade for my Porcelain Crowns?

How Do I Get my Cosmetic Dentist to Give Me the Very Whitest Shade for my Porcelain Crowns? What is the Very Whitest Shade That I can get? READ MORE

After Porcelain Veneers (010), my teeth are too white and unnatural looking. What can or should I do?

I did my whole mouth veneers. I'm an actress and model. I wanted to get the 020 because it was very white but still natural. My dentist convinced me... READ MORE

Veneers too white? Will they fade a little? (Photo)

I just got 6 veneers today. I was happy with the shade of the temps, they matched the rest of my teeth perfectly, but the permanent veneers seem way... READ MORE

Is it a wise choice to replace white fillings with porcelain inlays?

Hi Doctors, I have white fillings in 5 of my molars. Will it be better to replace them with porcelain inlays to assure longer durability? And another... READ MORE

My veneers are too white now and stick out terribly. (Photo)

I got my two veneers done and they were extremely thick so I asked my dentist to shave them down. Now the thickness is gone but the color is way too... READ MORE

Veneers are too white / fake looking. Any suggestions? (photos)

I've just had 10 Da Vinci veneers in a shaded blend of 1M1/OM3 and I think they're far too white / fake. I'm devastated. I loved my temporaries (same... READ MORE

Is this how veneers typically turn out? (photos)

I recently chipped my tooth and they told me a veener would be my best option, I hate the way it looks! Is this how they typically turn out? I feel... READ MORE

Can cement placed under veneers change the final shade? What are my options for change at this point?

I recently had two veneers placed on my top front teeth, and now my teeth look like two chiclets placed amongst the others. The shade is completely... READ MORE

My Dentist used white cement as my veneers came out darker than asked for. Is this okay? They appear shiny?

When the Veneers were placed on to see what color they would appear they were too dark. Instead of a transparent cement my dentist used a white cement... READ MORE

Should I listen to my dentist? (photos)

My front tooth is calcified and darker than the rest of my teeth, my dentist recommended putting one porcelain veneer because the rest of my teeth are... READ MORE

What can I do about my veneers? Is there anything that I can do to make them feel more natural? (Photo)

After having my veneers put in place I am finding they are too big and too white.  READ MORE

Veneers zirconia vs emaxx or any other type of porcelain veneer? (photos)

What it is I would like veneers for fashion reasons, i am looking for looking for the whitest possible veneer to the point of unatural White, but... READ MORE

Should my teeth be redone? They were finished 3 days ago. (Photos)

Okay here is a before and then and after I'm just wondering if they should be thinner and more sleek-looking plus they look like chicklets there solid... READ MORE

Porcelain veneers: too white and I would like them to make a bit darker.

Hi, could you tell me please what can I do when I have very white Porcelain veneers? They are too white and I would like them to make a bit darker. Is... READ MORE

How many shades of white can veneers restore to discolored teeth?

Today I consulted with a cosmetic dentist because my teeth are moderately discolored from years of drinking beverages such as coffee. To my surprise,... READ MORE

Am I candidate for porcelain veneers? (photos)

I had braces 2X and 3 expanders. My mouth is extremely small for such large teeth (in my opinion). I refused to wear my retainer as a dumb 15 year old... READ MORE

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