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Is There a Recommended Grade or Brand of Porcelain That is More Durable Than Others?

I have read a lot about composities, veneers, lumineers and crowns and have arrived at the decision to get porcelain veneers. However, I don't want to... READ MORE

Can a type of veneer help with one crooked tooth????

I was told I don't necessarily need braces that it would just be a cosmetic thing. But recently, about two years ago, I started to grind my teeth a... READ MORE

Help. What veneer is best for tetracycline stained teeth? (photo)

Hi, i have tetracycline staining on my teeth from having asthma as a child. I would like to know what type of veneer would be best to make the perfect... READ MORE

What Are Zirconia NobelRondo Veneers?

I chipped my original porceline veneers while living abroad. The dentist is giving me new ones using NobelRondo. I've been very confused since the... READ MORE

What type of dental work do I need or should get? (Photo)

I have a front tooth that is yellow due to breaking it when I was a kid ,down to the nerve. I dental work that was done was definitely not the best. I... READ MORE

Veneers zirconia vs emaxx or any other type of porcelain veneer? (photos)

What it is I would like veneers for fashion reasons, i am looking for looking for the whitest possible veneer to the point of unatural White, but... READ MORE

I am a 39 year old female. Can Veneers fix my crooked teeth? (photo)

I have no desire to go through orthodontics. In your opinion would my top teeth be a candidate for porcelain veneers ?Would you recommend a different... READ MORE

What are the types of veneer and what is the better one?

I've heard about porcelain , zirgonia and emax veneer !? READ MORE

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