Thickness + Porcelain Veneers

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Can Porcelain Veneers Be Shaved Down?

I have a porcelain veneers (2 front teeth) that is very thick and it affects my speech. Can it be shaved down? READ MORE

Can dental veneers (porcelain or composite) make your teeth make your teeth thicker on top of the teeth?

What I mean, is that I want my upper teeth a bit more prominent. Actually can you veneers give you a bit of an 'over bite' My bite is actually good, I... READ MORE

How Thick Can Veneers Go? Can You Put Them on Thicker and Thicker the Farther Back Your Teeth Go?

I am going to get jaw implants and I would like my teeth to match though the palates are narrow. Thus I would like to possibly expand the palate and... READ MORE

Can I have my veneers removed?

I have done veneers two months ago and I am hate it because three of them fell down and I can't eat apple meat without knife. another problem is thick... READ MORE

My dentist is willing to replace my veneers. Do I have to let him remake them without a wax-up again? What should I do? (photos)

I got my perms the other day made without a diagnostic wax-up&look like a 3/4 crown(thick ), i think it was a big mistake and reason as well why i... READ MORE

Bad bulky thick porcelain veneers; contour? What should my Dr do to make them natural as I can't do new ones now? (Photos)

Iwent for 4 front teeth (nano transparent zirconia) veneers. With 3 units bridges in both sides The veneers fall off after a week they're not broke or... READ MORE

Can veneers be thinned out if they are thicker than you would like them to be? (Photo)

My veneers are too thick and the two front teeth stick out. They look nothing like my temps. They actually look worse. Can they be thinned or do I... READ MORE

I got Lumineers in 2006 and my teeth have moved since causing a larger overbite, should I switch to porcelain veneers? (photos)

I had braces in my teens and teeth pulled to correct my overbite but it never worked. I finally got Lumineers in my mid 20's and I was very happy with... READ MORE

I've recently had dental veneers done to my top four center teeth. Unfortunately, I'm not happy with the result. (Photos)

I find them thick as i prefer flatter teeth. i also find them broad, boxy and manly. What do you think? what can i do to change them for the better? READ MORE

My one veneer is so much thicker and sticks out alot further than the other one. Can it be shaved down? (photo)

I absolutely hate my veneers and don't know what to do. Can it be shaved down? I only had the front 2 teeth done to replace 12 year old bonding READ MORE

Veneers too thick underneath. When I slightly lift my face you can see the angle of the veneer?

Hello! I had 6 veneers fitted on the top teeth and the 2 front onea are very thik underneath. When I slightly lift my face you can see the angle of... READ MORE

Do you think they look like a good job? 2 front too long? Thanks. (photo)

Hello, Had an extremely difficult time with this process. I am a 60 year old male. I do not like the way they point down and in instead of straight. I... READ MORE

Can orthodontist make a gap in teeth to put on veneers? (Photo)

My orthodontist said he wants to make gaps on my front/side teeth to add veneers because they're too small. Can I opt out of this? I don't care how... READ MORE

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