Temporary + Porcelain Veneers

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How Close Should Temporary Veneers Look Like the Permament Ones?

How Close Should Temporary Veneers Look Like the Permament Ones? READ MORE

Swelling After Veneers Normal?

Got my temporary yesterday. After the numbness went away my upper lip started swollen and overnight it ha increased. Is this normal or should I go to... READ MORE

How Long Can a Person Safely Wear Temporary Dental Veneers?

I got temporary dental veneers put on while my veneers were being made, but then my dentist and I had a big falling out and I decided to change... READ MORE

Are temporary veneers supposed to look this bad? And why does my bite feel weird? (photo)

I had temporary veneers put on today to get an idea of what the permanent veneers would look like but I don't like them, they look really fake and... READ MORE

No Mock Up Done for Veneers, Temporary Veneers Look Terrible, Can I Make Changes to Permanent Veneers?

My dentist did her own wax mock up and said my temporaries veneers were not prepared at the lab, and that I cannot get an idea of what they will look... READ MORE

Temporary Veneers Are So Bulky and Wide?

I just received my temporary veneers and they are so bulky and wide in appearance. They also lift and protrude my lips considerably. Before that I... READ MORE

Cracked Veneer, Temp Came off my Remaining Tooth! The Horror at How Much She Shaved Off! Was This Normal or Necessary? (photo)

New city & DMD, second broken veneer and same horror story: I think the DMD shaved too much off! First time, that DMD claimed the veneer could not... READ MORE

How Many Times Can I Adjust Temporary Veneers?

I have adjusted my temporary veneers twice. The second time I shortened them but now everyone tells me they are too short. Now I want to lengthen them... READ MORE

Temporary veneers throwing off my bite. Is it normal to have to go back a few times before they feel right? (Photo)

I got my temporary veneers Wednesday. I went back yesterday because my bite felt uncomfortable. Now, this morning I feel like I might need to go back... READ MORE

My 2 Front Teeth Are Veneers. Will a Wax Up Be Made As a Temporary Veneer?

I do not know how to submit pictures on a computer. I was just wanting to know if a temporary acrylic veneer would be made for the one front tooth... READ MORE

I have temporary veneers now. They are yellow from coffee probably. How can I clean them?

Had temporary veneers put on 2 weeks ago. i am a coffee drinker and now my teeth are yellow. how can i clean them. toothpaste doesn't work READ MORE

What is the Maximum Tooth Structure That Can Be Removed for Preparing for 8 Feldspathic Veneers?

I am in the process of getting 8 Feldspathic Veneers and crowns. Initially the dentist took off .5 mm of tooth. He put on the temporary and my upper... READ MORE

I'm Currently Wearing my Temp Veneers but Feel Like They're Still Too Small for the Smile I Want?

Can my dentist make my veneers look bigger? I like the shape of my temps but would like them to be bigger and my teeth to be more noticeable when I... READ MORE

Just got my 4 temporary veneers placed. Any suggestions to improve them? (photo)

I just left my dentist had my 4 temporary veneers placed on... He removed old bonding and preped a portion of all 4 teeth. Im a little mad because... READ MORE

How to get rid/removal of blackness on a temporary tooth? (photos)

I got temps the other day before I get my veneers and one of the teeth are black, so im wondering how can i get rid of the blackness on it? thanks READ MORE

Are my four upper temporary veneers too big? (Photo)

I kinda feel like the temporary is a lil bulk and what do you think about the length? I was originally born with small teeth so I'm wondering if this... READ MORE

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