Swollen + Porcelain Veneers

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Front Veneer and Horrible Swollen Gums. Options?

Amost 2 years ago I had 1 veneer put on my very front tooth. It was perfect for the first year or so- the next 12 months I had a lot of bleeding,... READ MORE

Fluid Coming out of my Tooth After Veneers?

2 weeks ago I got veneers on my 2 top front teeth. Ever since the gum above the right tooth has been very sore & swollen. 2 days out a large... READ MORE

Is this swelling normal after one year of getting porcelain veneers? (Photo)

I have gotten porcelain veneers about a year ago. I know that the dentist did do some type of lasering on my gums around my 2 front teeth and swelling... READ MORE

​6 week post op, I got 8 top front veneers and now my gums are red, swollen and bleeding. What are my options for treatment?

The teeth were built out because my top jaw was small and gum recontouring was done with a laser. 4 wks later after 2 tries + lots of pain I got the... READ MORE

Severe Swelling of Upper Lip &Right Side of Face Plus Black Eye from Temp. Veneers. Does this need immediate attention? (photo)

I am in the process of getting veneers for my upper teeth and went to have my teeth prepared this past Friday for the temporary veneers. Two of the... READ MORE

Will gum recession or "black triangles" cause by temporary veneers grow back or will the permanent veneer cover issue? (photos)

I recently had temporary veneers placed for the first time and I have had gum problems in the past. After my gums where swollen and bluish color. Very... READ MORE

Is this x-ray positively consistent with the need for a root canal with no other option? (photos)

Per the x-ray, is the pulpitis reversible? I am receiving mixed opinions on this i.e. the tooth is dying and will eventually die and others indicating... READ MORE

After Veneers I have very little space between the two front tooth, will this go away?

Hi.. I have my venners now for 18 days and I like it but the only problem I have with them is the space!? I told my self that the gum is swollen and... READ MORE

Is it normal to have swollen gum and black triangles on every 10 veneers after 6 weeks?

Hello, 6 weeks ago my dentist placed 10 veneers. Since day one I have swollen gums. The gum is darker en I have black triangles on every veneer! My... READ MORE

Dental veneer crowns placed in 2014 and for about the last year my gum on one side has been swollen. What is happening? (photo)

I was born without lateral inscisors and this left a gap in the front so my dentist suggested I place dental veneer crowns. I had 6 placed on the top.... READ MORE

Will my porcelain veneers chip or fall off for a regular teeth cleaning and a small perio surgery?

I am going to have a regular teeth cleaning and a small perio surgery (to treat the swollen gum) soon. The dentists ensured that the veneers won't be... READ MORE

Dental Veneers or face lift dentistry? (photos)

Hello, I am trying to decide on which procedures would be best for a perfect smile. I have dental impant that is not even due to receding gumline... READ MORE

I think I have periodontal disease?

I had veneers done last year (for all of my teeth) and my gums got really red, swollen, and smell really really bad. What is the procedure done to fix... READ MORE

My nostril cannot move properly after dental block. It has already been 24 hours. Is this normal?

I went to the dentist yesterday to get one of my veneers repaired which is on the left side of my face, she put dental block on the left side before... READ MORE

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