Swelling + Porcelain Veneers

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Swelling After Veneers Normal?

Got my temporary yesterday. After the numbness went away my upper lip started swollen and overnight it ha increased. Is this normal or should I go to... READ MORE

I have veneer overlays in my front four teeth. And my gums are bleeding day and night. Is this normal?

Procedure done In Quito Ecuador over a year ago. Started bleeding and swelling In the gums 2 months ago. Sometimes wake up with blood stains on my... READ MORE

Tooth Decay from Veneers?

I had Porcelain Veneers 2 years ago. I have 2 dark spots that can be seen at the gum line through the veneers, and my gums were bleeding on the teeth... READ MORE

Crown Lengthening After 5 Front Veneers to Stop Swelling Gums. Will It Help?

I had 5 veneers placed a year ago in Cancun.They look fine but I've had many problems with them.I came back to the US with a raging gum infection, 2... READ MORE

I Had Veneers Placed 1 Year Ago and Now Have Grey Coloring Near the Gumlines? (photo)

Also I have had gum swelling near both incisors (they are both grey). Long story short. Went to another dentist for 2nd opinion. He said it was... READ MORE

Swelling After Veneer Temporary?

I had the prep work done yesterday for veneers and the temp teeth (front top four in the middle) put in. The swelling in my lip went away and I had... READ MORE

Can I be having allergic reaction to veneers? My dentist called these half-crowns.

After having 4 veneers (half-crowns) my lips are burning, stinging, and itching and my tongue also burns, stings and swells. My 4 front teeth feel... READ MORE

Veneers cause swelling in face?

I just got my temp veneers put on 2 days ago. since then, my gums look raw and are slightly bleeding. I have sweeling around my mouth and primarily my... READ MORE

Swelling that has traveled, following veneers. Any suggestions?

Hello, I had veneers placed in on Monday and soon thereafter experienced discomfort on one of the teeth. I wasn't able to bite down or apply pressure... READ MORE

Cost time and procedure to remove veneers? (Photo)

I got non prep porcelain veneers 3 months ago. My lip is quite thick and they were really bulky in my mouth. I can't make a full smile anymore and... READ MORE

The gum between my veneers has gone, what should I do?

I have had veneers for about 3 years on my 2front teeth I sometimes feel movement and 1 of them is very sensitive also my gums always swell and I have... READ MORE

Upper lip swelling after veneers normal?

I had my perm veneers done on Wednesday, swelling of the upper lip started Thursday night, and it's now Sunday. I've been to dentist and ER and they... READ MORE

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