Stained + Porcelain Veneers

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Dental Bonding Vs Veneers for More Natural Looking Teeth?

Can anyone tell me if they have cosmetic bonding, not veneers? How is it? I recently had my teeth prepped for Veneers and now I do not want them. I... READ MORE

Can Insurance Cover Any of the Costs of Porcelain Veneers?

I have severe tetracycline staining and in need of about ten to twelve porcelain veneers. Will insurance cover any of this? READ MORE

Are Porcelain Veneers or Bonding a Better Option for Peg Teeth?

I have two peg teeth on either side of my two top middle teeth, which are also twisted slightly. I am looking into getting porcelain veneers or... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Remove Dark-colored Staining Between a Porcelain Veneer and the Gum Line?

Since getting porcelain veneers, I have been getting blackish/dark-colored stains on the area between the gum line and the veneer. My hygienist cannot... READ MORE

Can I Keep my Gap if I Get Veneers?

I have always had a slight gap between my front teeth (see photo). The gap was much wider when I was a kid, but it closed some when I had my frenulum... READ MORE

What Can Be Suggested to Prevent Cracking of New Porcelain Veneers?

To keep porcelain veneers looking the same as they do on day one after the procedure, is there anything you can advise to keep them from becoming... READ MORE

Decay or Stain Under Broken Veneer? Im Worried. Can It Be Fixed Still or Did I Wait Too Long? (photo)

My veneer popped off a few weeks ago and then was rebonded wrong. It then broke off in two and the dentist glued both pieces on,. then one broke off .... READ MORE

Unhappy With Veneers As They've Caused Infection. Options?

I have very bad Sjorgrens Syndrome,which left my teeth brown and revolting. My dentist suggested veneers, which I agree to, however , ever since they... READ MORE

Veneers or Cosmetic Bonding For White Stains on Teeth and Unevenness?

I Think my teeth are generally nice but they have white stains on them and the tooth next to my right front tooth is shorter than the rest of my teeth... READ MORE

How is Teeth Prepared for Regular Veneers?

How's the teeth preparation for veneers associated with Tetracycline stained teeth? My teeth are currently in perfect alignment after wearing the... READ MORE

Procedure to Renew Old Porcelain Veneers?

Due to severe Tetracycline staining I resurface the upper eight teeth with Porcelain fronts back in October 1999. Eleven years later, the shape and... READ MORE

Veneers instead of braces? (Photo)

My front teeth are worn, severely crowded, and stained. My ideal choice of treatment is veneers, but I saw that there are many negative reviews of... READ MORE

I just received my permanent porcelain veneers, 10 top-augment? improve quality/shape/redo options? (photos)

I loved my temporaries. I had severe tetracycline stains, and some chipping. the new teeth seem to be at diffferent length, a bit gray, bottom corners... READ MORE

What Would Cause Only 1 Tooth to Stain While All Others Look Fine?

I have 1 front tooth that is suddenly staining at record pace yet the rest of my teeth appear fine. What would cause 1 tooth to stain so quickly while... READ MORE

Help. What veneer is best for tetracycline stained teeth? (photo)

Hi, i have tetracycline staining on my teeth from having asthma as a child. I would like to know what type of veneer would be best to make the perfect... READ MORE

Stained temporary veneers (Photo)

I drank a cup of turmeric tea and my temporary veneers are now neon yellow. I tried brushing with baking soda and peroxide, no luck, now I'm soaking... READ MORE

Tetracycline stains and short roots. Veneers or crowns?

I just turned 70 and about to embark on cosmetic dental work. My dear dentist told me my roots were short from braces and, after being on... READ MORE

I have a black stain on my temporary veneers, is this normal? (Photo)

Hi , I'm in the process of getting my teeth done and I have temporary veneers on. My gum bleeds usually and I woke up today to a back line on my front... READ MORE

Should I replace a front cracked Veneer with another Veneer or is a Crown okay?

I had half of an upper front veneer crack and break off. A Dentist was able to glue it back on but 4 years later it's showing a stain where the crack... READ MORE

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