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Can Veneers Widen a Smile?

I was wondering if Veneers can Widen a Smile, in other words broaden my smile. When I smile you only notice my teeth from Canine to Canine (6 teeth)... READ MORE

How much would no prep veneers cost me?

I am 15, 16 in January and i want to get no prep veneers. my teeth are fine but i don't like the shape of my smile and the size of my teeth. i would... READ MORE

Are EasySmile Veneers a scam?

Hi, thanks for taking the time to view my question. I am interested in getting veneers on 4 of my teeth. I contacted several dentists in my area and... READ MORE

Do Veneers on Molars Chip?

I would like to add veneers to my molars to achieve a wider smile. I have had orthodontic procedures and because of my age, my teeth are in good... READ MORE

Componeer vs veneers? (Photo)

I am very embarrassed of my crowding and stained teeth. I am looking into my options but wasn't sure what to do. I hear componeers are half the price... READ MORE

What can be done to correct my Buccal Corridor? I'm 27 YO Female. (photos)

I would like to reduce the dark spaces and achieve a broader and more flattering smile. Whilst a palatal expander may be useful when treating... READ MORE

Veneers for a Youthful Smile?

As I age and my upper lip and cheeks droop, my smile almost disappears. Can veneers create a 'toothier' smile? READ MORE

Can veneers widen my smile? (photos)

I've had braces twice in my life and they've widened my arch to the best of their ability. I still desire to have the wide "Hollywood" smile. Would... READ MORE

Are veneers a good idea for back teeth?

I want to bulk out my smile by adding width to teeth 4, 5, 12 and 13. One dentist says that veneers are not a good idea for back teeth, but another... READ MORE

Can Veneers fix my slanted smile and asymmetrical gumline? (photos)

When I was a kid my left canine was ankylosed into my jaw bone. Prior to knowing that, my orthodontist attempted to move it through the use of a chain... READ MORE

Can veneers fix my smile (missing lateral incisors)? (Photo)

I have congenitally missing lateral incisors, 15 yrs ago, I had composite bonding applied to my canines to make them look like incisors. I'd like to... READ MORE

Unhappy With Porcelain Veneers 7 Months Post Op- Want Them Longer To Show When I Smile.

In march this yr i had got my top 6 teeth veneered. i do like them however my goal was to make them longer so when i smile you could seee the row of... READ MORE

Can veneers correct my narrow upper teeth arch?

Only my top 4 front teeth show when I smile, I have a narrow upper teeth/jaw arch. Wanting to widen my smile loke those hollywood smiles, can veneers... READ MORE

How to get a fuller smile? I've had braces. I'd like my smile to be similar to Britney Spears-I love her smile and teeth (Photo)

I'm 29-I had braces when I was 21 for 1 year and then my teeth shifted after a few years and then when I turned 25 I purchases invisalign. I did not... READ MORE

Can I get Dental bonding/ Porcelain Veeners for two teeth only? (photos)

My two teeth on the sides of my two front teeth are slightly pushed back making it catch shadows. When there is a shadow or if I'm not infront of a... READ MORE

Can veneers widen my smile?

Can veneers widen my upper set of teeth? my upper teeth don't fill my whole mouth like my bottom teeth do, so would veneers help this problem? I... READ MORE

Do my veneers look right to you? (photos)

I justs had 7,8,9,10 seated and am wondering if they appear too big for my smile? I've been staring at them for too long and need a second opinion.... READ MORE

Veneers/lumineers for Longer/bigger Teeth? Would They Benefit my Situation?

My teeth are not that bad-pretty straight, kind of white. The problem is the actual structure of my smile, it is very small and only shows about half... READ MORE

Could my smile be widened using veneers? (photos)

I would love to have a fuller smile, where another two or four teeth are showing, and get rid of those black corners on each side. Could this be done... READ MORE

Veneers for a lopsided/shifting/uneven smile and a buccal corridor that is too wide on only one side? (Photo)

Once upon a time I had braces & a big, even wide smile that would get tons of compliments. After a decade of bad dentistry (including receiving crowns... READ MORE

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