Small + Porcelain Veneers

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What Are Some Options for my Small Teeth? (photo)

I do not want veneers. To me it seems they come with too many problems and are way too expensive. I absolutely hate my teeth, however. What are some... READ MORE

Should I Get Veneers, Dental Bonding for My Small Teeth? (photo)

I hate my teeth soooo much, OMG you have no idea. They're so small. I'm 20 years old, and I have baby teeth. It's so embarrassing. It just... READ MORE

My Teeths Are Very Small What Are the Options to Have a Good Smile? (photo)

Size of my upper teeth s are very small. It doesn't look good when i smile. Please tell me is it possible to have large teeth s for a good smile. I... READ MORE

I really hate my two front teeth? (photo)

Im 24 years old and i fell really embarassed about my teeth.I find them too small and unattractive.It really bothers me when someone mentions it.Im... READ MORE

Can Porcelain Veneers fix my friends small stubby teeth? (photos)

My best friend has always had really small stubby teeth. She hates how small her teeth are and is hoping to get some type of veneers on the front 4... READ MORE

Does my case require Porcelain Veneers or Jaw Surgery ? Your advises please. (photos)

Hello Everyone, I've visited several dentists and they said that my teeth are small and my smile is narrow. Also, they said something about Class III... READ MORE

Are Porcelain Veneers for me? (photos)

Hey everyone! I appreciate the time reading my post. I have been wanting veneers for a very long time. I had orthodontics for 5 years and got them off... READ MORE

Can I have veneers just to lengthen front teeth without filing? (photos)

I hate my short/small teeth. It makes me look at times like I have no teeth when talking. I would like to have veneers over my teeth, but would only... READ MORE

How many veneers would you recommend? (photos)

I have been considering veneers for a long time due my small teeth and would like opinions on how many, what kind, and if any other procedures... READ MORE

What can be done dental wise to fill in space on side of my mouth? And fix small size of teeth? (Photo)

What can be done dental wise to fill in the space I have on the side of my mouth? Veneers/lumineers? My baby tooth was pulled and the adult tooth grew... READ MORE

Gaps between teeth removed - what treatment? (photos)

What treatment should suilt me to get that perfect i have 2 gaps n my left canine is small in size plus i feel the front four teeth are big... READ MORE

My question is my front two tooth with small mouth. I want front two bigger it possible with veneer.?? (photo)

When I try to smile my front tooth looks so tiny.when I smile I look like old like my mouth goes inside lightly not much.but when I speak or when... READ MORE

New veneers with very short side molars.

I just had veneers and the molars look very short. The dentist adjusted the bite while I I was still was numb. And, he did reduce the molars. This is... READ MORE

Veneers: MAC or feldspathic for small teeth and smile? I don't want bulky teeth, or lose my own tooth too much.

I have a narrow smile with average sized front teeth and the rest are are small and pearl-like, a bit gappy, and shorter than the front teeth. Since I... READ MORE

Had bonding on 3 of my 4 front teeth because they were small, disproportionate, and chipped. Do I need veneers? (photo)

Now I am considering a more permanent solution with 4 veneers. But don't want my smile to look fake. READ MORE

What is the best course of action to correct my teeth? Gaps/small (Photo)

My teeth are really small, and I have gaps between almost all of them in the front. They aren't really crooked. I just want to get them to appear... READ MORE

Can I get a teeth structure like this? (Photos)

Hey i was born with small and round teeth and i hate it. I cant smile properly because of it is it possible to get a teeth structure like this and how? READ MORE

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